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DATE: August 1, 2005
Jodi Levin: 510-444-3041 x 316


Co-Authors of Soul of Environmentalism & Community Leaders
Offer Blueprint for Successful Progressive Movement-Building

New York, NY.—Leading academics, progressive activists, foundation executives, social policy experts and their supporters gather Thursday, October 4 at the Open Society Institute to discuss and offer a roadmap to move the progressive movement's agenda forward. This ground-breaking gathering is motivated by the recent publication of The Soul of Environmentalism, co-authored by nine nationally recognized leaders in the social and environmental justice movements.

"The debate is about much more than environmentalism,” said Michel Gelobter, Executive Director of Redefining Progress, a national policy institute and publisher of the essay. “It is about cutting across the political spectrum and moving beyond single issue lenses to create new alliances and deep change. Many progressive organizations are struggling with similar challenges. It's time we shared the lessons learned, the key insights, and most importantly, the big picture of what winning looks like.”

Convened by Redefining Progress and sponsored by DEMOS, three co-authors of Soul, Peggy Shephard, Leslie G. Fields and Michel Gelobter, will be joined by two prominent New York-based social justice leaders, Ludovic Blain and Oona Chatterjee, and an audience comprised of a diverse cross-section of New York's public and private sectors, foundations, think tanks, advocacy groups, and organizations. Ti-Hua Chang, the Peabody and Emmy-award winning journalist of WCBS-TV New York, will moderate the discussion.

Free and open to the public, this event is hoted by the Open Society Institute's U.S. Racial Justice Initiative and co-sponsored by the West Harlem Environmental Action, Inc.; Make the Road by Walking; and Green Workers Cooperatives.

To learn more about Soul, or to download the essay, please visit or call Redefining Progress at (510) 444-3041.