Bon Appetit: Top Italian Dishes To Try Once In Your Life

Are you tired of trying the same old boring dishes at home? All those dull-packed foods and noodles numbing your taste buds? Well, it is time to leave them on the supermarket shelves and look for something new.  

Moreover, as the popular saying goes, go, get a life! This is the slogan your taste buds must be saying every day. It is the time to try something new, try something Italiano. They have the best food, giving you the kick your taste buds deserve.  

So, look at the next section, where we will give you suggestions on the best Italian you should try once in your life. Otherwise, the house of Maldini will be upset, and they might send Vito Corleone to meet you.   

Top Italian Dishes To Try Once In Your Life 

Italian dishes are the perfect blend of taste and flavors, which will enable you to meet Jesus without an official appointment. The passion of Italian chefs and their culinary skills exude the feeling of heaven with every bite.  

Here are a few Italian Dishes to prove the hypothesis right, as stated by Altro Zafferano, the best Italian restaurant with a view in Singapore –  

Pizza Margherita 

Coming straight out of the streets of Naples, Pizza Margita is the dish you begin your Italian cuisine journey with. It is a simple pizza dish whose taste derives from its brilliant sauce and just the simplicity of cheese and mozzarella. Consequently, if you go to any Italian restaurant, you should try it.  

With every piece, you will feel the attention to detail and love the Italian chefs put on the dish. Furthermore, you will see fine detailing done with the basil leaves, which will make your dish taste even better and send you to ecstasy.  

Lasagne alla Bolognese 

Beyond the brilliance of Thiago Motta, there is a dish that is famous all over the world, and the invention of Bolognese people, it is Lasagne alla Bolognese. It is made with a layer of beef, tomato, onions, cheese, and a sheet of pasta. Furthermore, for the dish, the chef use Tuscany beef, which is soft and highly nutritious.  

Hence, if you are looking for something in red meat, the authentic taste of lasagne will make you go crazy for the food. Lastly, the rich and warming dish goes well with a red wine. So, when you visit an Italian restaurant, check their distillery and get the best bottle to enhance the thrill and joy of eating the dish.   

Fettuccine al Pomodoro 

Another dish that is an absolute classic is Fettuccine al Pomodoro. It is a simple dish made with two or three simple flavors, and your dish is ready to devour. Hence, you can make the dish and relax if you have a tough day at work. You will see all your tensions and anxiety as dust in the wind.  

Also, in Italian, Pomodoro means tomato sauce. Therefore, the simplicity of the dish made with basil and tomato sauce will haunt you for life, especially when you are a newbie in the Italian cuisine domain. So, give it a try and make your day even brighter than sunshine.  


We are talking about Italian dishes. How can we miss out on dessert? Well, it’s Tiramisù! It’s probably one of the best desserts you will try in your life. It is one of the iconic dishes that requires great dedication and love to add, letting every flavor showcase its diverse nature.  

The dish is made with –  

Coffee (expresso)  


Layers of soft biscuits  






Cocoa powder  

All of these things ensure that you have the perfect dessert, which will surely take you to heaven and come back. With every bite, you see angels coming to take you on an ecstasy. So, learn those Italian hand signs to show your delight to the chefs.  

The Bottom Line  

In the end, you can try these dishes, which will give you the best in taste and give your taste a delight and heavenly essence. Therefore, you can follow the dishes mentioned in the above section to begin your Italian cuisine journey.