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RProgress (“Redefining Progress”) is a personal finance blog founded by Andrew West in 2013.

It serves as an educational resource for starting out in the world of personal finance, and those looking to take control of their life by earning, saving and managing their money in the most optimal way possible.

With regular updates to our ever-growing library of blog articles, our readers have come to expect the highest standard of debt, investment and savings advice from some of the most prestigious figures in the finance world.


Some feedback from our readers

I’ve always been someone who’s struggled to put money away every month, but blogs like RProgress have been instrumental in helping me develop a plan of action that I can actually stick to. Thank you, Andrew!


— Sarah Jacobson

One of my goals for 2020 was diversifying my investment portfolio beyond just Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I picked up a few very valuable tips from Andrew and already seeing good returns in 2021.


— Michael O’Brian