5 Things to Consider before Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Organizing a wedding – your own wedding! – is extremely thrilling.  

It is likely that you have imagined your perfect day before, so preparing for your ultimate day feels incredibly surreal.  

I recall feeling thrilled to have all my loved ones gathered in one place…and then, by the end of the day, being able to finally reside in the same location as my closest friend!  

Incredibly fantastic. 

Planning your wedding can be incredibly exciting, but the process of hiring vendors and partners can also be very overwhelming.  

You are putting your hard-earned money into individuals you probably haven’t met before, and you’re relying on them to be present in your upcoming months down the line.  

Isn’t that weirdly strange?! Having the correct individuals supporting you during your wedding preparations and on your special day is crucial! 

I have had the chance to talk with many brides before and after their weddings to discover what was successful, what wasn’t, and all their top tips for future brides. I’ve compiled this list to assist you in determining what to consider when selecting a photographer for your wedding day. 

1: Their Personality Matches with Yours 

I truly believe that the most important aspect when hiring a affordable wedding photographer is finding someone who you can enjoy a glass of wine, cup of coffee, plate of tapas, or share a bag of Skittles with! It is a person you’ll be collaborating with extensively in the months/year ahead; someone you will probably allocate a significant portion of your wedding funds to; and someone you will rely on to manage your wedding day.  

You had best enjoy them! 

Being able to easily text your wedding photographer for a quick question or to confirm a detail can greatly simplify your life.  

This individual could be extremely beneficial in helping you organize your day, if you choose to involve them. Therefore, make use of this opportunity and form friendships! 

2: They Should be Experienced and Well-Established 

To begin with, browse through the profiles of well-known wedding photographers in your city on various online platforms. Verify their projects on their online platforms such as their websites or on social media sites including Facebook and Instagram.  

Ensure to review their feedback as it will provide a more accurate understanding of what you can anticipate. You can get suggestions from your acquaintances who’ve recently gotten married. 

You need to specify the type of work you are interested in – whether it’s candid, traditional, or a combination of both. Then comprehend the level of expertise in their work and the type of weddings they are particularly skilled in.  

After completing all tasks, select your favorite options (at least 2-3 of them) from the list. Schedule face-to-face meetings with each person to review their portfolios and learn more about their work history, rates, and cancellation policies.  

When reviewing your portfolio, make sure to look at more than just a few photos and instead view the complete set of wedding pictures from 1-2 weddings. 

3: Let Them Know What You Expect from Them 

Photographers for weddings cannot read minds.  

Ensure that your communication is quite clear, and request confirmation that they comprehend your shot list, timeline, intentions, and expectations.  

Additionally, ensure that your approach is realistic.  

You must remember that your wedding photos will be unique and different from others. Search for their work style and see if it aligns with your own style. 

Once you have hired your wedding photographer, be sure to communicate any specific ideas or essential shots you have in mind. This could involve taking photos or discussing a sangeet performance with your bridesmaids as an illustration. 

Often, the wedding photographer may fail to capture photographs of individuals who hold significant importance to you. It is up to you to ensure they know the names and faces of these individuals to prevent confusion at the last minute. 

Discussing certain aspects with your wedding photographer can assist you in narrowing down your choices. What if the photographer fits your budget, meets your expectations, but is not free on the specified dates. The first thing to consider is the availability of dates.  

Next, discuss everything about your activities, entrance ideas for the bride and groom, any special performances, and even the smallest details. Furthermore, remember to inquire about the specific items provided, such as edited and raw photos, the timeframe for delivering the raw data, and the option of a Wedding Picture or Wedding Album. 

4: Discuss Your Budget with Them 

Ensure to determine if you have a specific budget in place, or if you want to explore various wedding photographers’ pricing and compare based on their services, portfolio, and reviews.  

You might require either candid photography, traditional photography, or a combination of both. This will determine the amount of money you can spend. 

The fees differ depending on the specific wedding. The customization of wedding photography packages is based on the size of the team and the number of crew members, along with editing and backend costs, to accommodate the client’s requirements. 

Having a general idea of what you want is beneficial but be sure to ask your photographer to assist with organizing the schedule for your wedding day.  

Next, you must specify the exact amount of time during the day that you would like your photographer to be present. You also must determine if the person will be the same for both the bride and groom. Having a photographer that is shared between multiple clients allows for cost sharing and reduces the complexity of coordinating multiple photography teams, which can often lead to misunderstandings. 

Another crucial aspect is inquiring about their payment guidelines, which include their policies on taxes, cancellations, and refunds.  

Obtain a clear understanding of travel and accommodation arrangements and determine the responsible party for expenses, especially for destination weddings. If you want some additional services such as photo booths, drone photography, and more, you will need to pay extra. 

Above All: Put Your Trust in Them 

Have faith in your chosen wedding photographer once you have made your selection. Develop a friendship with your wedding photographer.  

Someone you can build a connection with and rely on to perform effectively for you! In the end, he will be by your side like a member of your family during that time. 

The connection you have with your wedding photographer will significantly affect the outcome of your photos. Establishing a strong relationship with them will have a positive impact on your overall experience, not just during the wedding day but also in the post-wedding services such as creating an album. 

Even if you have an idea for the photo shoot, it is ultimately your wedding photographer who will lead you in the right direction, having already photographed numerous weddings.  

Their extensive experience in technical, artistic, and social aspects will simplify things for you, as they are accomplished in these areas. 

Trusting your wedding photographer more in five main areas can lead to improved images and reduce the stress you might experience. This can be generally categorized as selecting the place, timing of the shoot, poses, editing photos, and managing the printing of the images.