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New Administration, New Hope:
Here at Redefining Progress, we focus on the long-term economic, social, and environmental consequences of actions that we take today. How can the next president address our most urgent national priorities in a way that assures we not only solve current crises but also prevent their recurrence?

In a series of essays, our experts discuss how taming the financial sector, ensuring sustainable health care, and creating an energy system for the future will require the right indicators, the right incentives, and the right principles of justice. Read the essays:

Sustainable Solutions to the Current Crises by Andrew Hoerner, Director of the Sustainable Economics Program

Time for Leadership on Sustainable Development by John Talberth, Director of the Sustainability Indicators Program

Proud, Concerned, and Hopeful by Nia Robinson, Director of EJCC


A Climate of Change: African Americans, Global Warming, and a Just Climate Policy for the U.S.
This new report, released by EJCC, shows that climate change is an urgent problem that threatens African Americans and everyone in the U.S., and it provides a blueprint for sound, just climate policies that best protect us all.

The True Cost of Free Pollution Permits: A Redefining Progress Issue Brief
A primer on the importance of auctioning or selling pollution permits in a cap-and-trade system.

The Genuine Progress Indicator 2006: A Tool for Sustainable Development
How is the U.S. really doing? The latest GPI, an argument for relenquishing the GDP as a measure of economic growth, and a guide to using the GPI in public policy.

2008 Accomplishments

What we achieved in climate change policy, the Ecological Footprint, and more. See how we affected change last year.







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