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About the Ecological Footprint

The Ecological Footprint is a complex sustainability indicator that answers a simple question: How much of the Earth’s resources does your lifestyle require?

Using existing, official statistics that quantify the resources people consume and the waste they generate, Redefining Progress translates this consumption and waste flow data into a measurement of the biologically productive area required to sustain that flow.

According to Redefining Progress’ latest Footprint Analysis, humanity is exceeding its ecological limits by 39%. Or, put another way, we would need to have over one third more than the present biocapacity of Earth to maintain the same level of prosperity for future generations.

To measure your own impact on the Earth, take one the following quizzes:

Ecological Footprint

Footprint Calculators

The Ecological Footprint Quiz was first developed in 2002 with Earth Day Network to provide a simple, yet powerful, way for people to measure their impact on the earth. In 2008, Redefining Progress updated the Ecological Footprint Quiz with a revised methodology and current statistics. Get the answers to frequently asked questions about the quiz at Footprint Quiz FAQs. Take the Quiz by visiting

Custom Indicators Analysis

As one of two Ecological Footprint organizations in the United States, Redefining Progress not only hosts the Ecological Footprint calculators but also develops numerous adaptations of the Footprint for policy and educational purposes. See Using the Footprint for more information.

Redefining Progress offers Indicators Analysis services to businesses, community groups, governments, and schools. Our custom Indicators Analysis is based on the Ecological Footprint, as well as the well-respected and peer-reviewed scientific tool, and the Genuine Progress Indicator.

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