Marketing Platforms That are Crucial to a Realtor’s Success

The real estate world is continually getting tough as social media and internet use makes it easy for buyers and sellers to interact. Realtors must now spend a lot of time online working around the clock to ensure they have a unique online presence and turn their listeners into leads and clients.

Most realtors continually embrace the use of various online marketing platforms to set themselves apart and expand their market.

With the internet making communication easy and straightforward, opportunities opened to realtors are endless. When properly used and executed, they go a long way in increasing your area of coverage and increasing your clientele. Below is a list of various marketing platforms that are crucial for every realtor’s success.


Facebook remains one of the most online used platforms across the world. It plays a crucial role in a realtor’s life by opening them up to a broad audience. Facebook provides a platform to advertise their previous work, generate leads, and convert clients. A realtor can open a Facebook page and use the platform to share information and promote their brand.

The online presence provides the realtor a following that not only loves the kind of housing they deal in but offers an opportunity for them to learn customer behavior. From online engagements in the platform, one can study clients’ behavior, what they tend to like more, and trends in the market. This information is essential when propping a house for viewing.

One can use the information gathered to help in the staging process and advertise their latest projects. Facebook also provides different tools that help you maintain direct or open communication with your clientele, helping you form a relationship, and entails trust. These actions reduce the amount of work a realtor has to carry out and increase the number of serious leads. It also makes it easy for potential buyers and sellers.


Instagram provides a platform for one to share images and short videos. Recently the marketing platform has developed an IGTV that allows users to share longer videos. Instagram is an excellent marketing tool that allows users to share their individuality and style. It offers an environment for one to share designs, styles, and personal preferences that enable them to follow and command an online presence and sell their projects.

Most individuals use Instagram to get inspiration and guidance on their houses or housing projects. Realtors thus get a chance to learn what is trending and interact with various buyers and sellers. It also enables a realtor to showcase their ongoing projects and share with their viewers their artistry. This process goes a long way in helping them build and maintain a brand allowing them to reap the benefits of being an expert in the field.

Bold Leads

Bold leads are a marketing funnel that works to generate leads and help realtors get clients. The platform focuses on Facebook ads allowing you to make the best of online advertisement. Bold Leads identify potential buyers and sellers, providing you an opportunity to be the middleman and close the sale.

The platform enables you to narrow down the options in a particular area, providing you with information on people looking to buy and sell houses within your geographical location. It also enables you to create a relationship with people interested in your ads allowing you to close sales. Bold leads funnel tactics let you carry out targeted marketing, increasing your chances of closing a deal. You get an opportunity to know how many people clicked on your ads.

The platform also provides a landing page that helps you customize your information and provide an opportunity for you to pitch to the client further. The site has over 100 different landing page designs. Ensure you choose one that not only showcases your design and personality but is easy to tweak and customize to ensure you are selling and growing your brand.

Wise Pelican

The use of traditional marketing strategies is still strong in today’s era, especially in the real estate world. Techniques such as real estate marketing postcards are still widely used to capture the attention of a broad class of potential clients who may not have a heavy online presence or understand the latest online marketing platforms. Using platforms such as wise pelican that specialize in real estate marketing postcards ensures a realtor covers all their bases.

The use of postcards is also a fats way of helping you sell a property or gain the interest of those in your geographical location. Wise pelican is an excellent platform as it charges approximately 70 cents for production and shipping, making it ideal for realtors on a tight budget. The upside of using a wise pelican is that it has no limited number of postcards you can order to ensure you have enough for your targeted audience.

It also provides an opportunity for you to showcase your creativity and produce warm, friendly, and creatively done cards, helping you gain popularity in the neighborhood and helping with the undecided clients. Unlike the various online marketing platforms, wise pelican provides a tangible presence and feel to a client, making it an option for most buyers.


Mailchimp was developed in 2001 to help small businesses manage their clientele and offer quality services. MailChimp allows realtors to send emails to their contacts, providing an avenue for them to send information to multiple contacts at once.

Mailchimp enables a realtor to send information and keep tabs on feedback. The platform was developed to help young businesses keep up to date with their clients and plays a crucial role in ensuring realtors provide both potential and existing clients personalized services.

The advantage of using MailChimp is that it enables you to disseminate information by a click of a button making it faster and reliable. You can tell how many people received your information and keep track of your conversations, ensuring appointments and viewings are appropriately set up and carried out professionally to increase conversions and sales.


YouTube is one of the most crucial platforms for realtors. YouTube provides an opportunity for a realtor to form and solidify their relationship with their clients. The platform also ensures you can share your work and testimonials with the world, increasing potential clients.

As a realtor, you also get a chance to share your real estate journey, tips, and information learned during the process to ensure you set yourself apart and stamp your authority in the field. The advantage of YouTube is its ability to share your individuality and take your viewers through house hunting, purchase, and other tips involved in real estate.


As a realtor understanding the marketing tools that work for you is essential in ensuring you use platforms that bring out the best in your business. With the increase in technology, learning how to use the various platforms is critical in ensuring you widen your net in the type of clients you would like to receive.