11 Realistic Side Hustles To Make $50 a Day

In today’s world we are all about hacks, shortcuts and taking advantage of the many ways in which we can make some serious cash. The side hustle is something which many people are looking to get off the ground and we have 11 awesome ideas which you could employ, that could make you up to $50 per day. It is a new world with new opportunities and here is how you can boost how much you make.

Get in the Middle

A great idea to boost your income earning potential is to buy items from eBay and then sell them on Craigslist. Old furniture, household items and appliances, they all generally go for much more on Craigslist. Buy cheap, market well, sell high.


If you can drive then sign yourself up to be an Uber driver and get your hustle on in your spare time. The beauty of this is that you work when you want to, meaning even a spare hour can be turned into a money making venture.


Similar to driving for Uber, you could deliver for a service like Postmates, again this is very simple to do and once you are verified you simply set yourself online whenever you have the time to do some work.

Social Media Management

Naturally gifted on social media? If so then approach companies who are not, and offer to manage their content for them. This could be a real earner and it is something which costs you nothing but time.


Rent that spare room out on AirBnb and you may very well be able to make yourself some extra cash each month. Set your limits and your own rules for guests to follow, give them the space and environment which you have promised and get those great reviews which will keep people coming back.

Fiverr Fanatic

Fiverr began selling small items or services for $5 and they found great success, nowadays you can get services from $5, and if you have a skill then you could make some serious dosh. You can sell any type of service or task on this platform, from video making to voiceovers.


You won’t be a millionaire overnight with blogging but if you are consistent with your content creation and you work hard on driving traffic to your blog then you could certainly make an average of 50 bucks a day in the future.

Mystery Shopper

Many stores will pay for a service which sends mystery shoppers to rate how they are doing business and if you are able to invest the time in this then you could turn it into a real money spinner, for doing nothing more than shopping.

Dog Walker

People pay a lot of money to have their dogs walked whilst they are at work, and you don’t even need any skills or qualifications to do it, send some fliers round your neighborhood and see if you get any… bites.


Share your knowledge to help students on video calling services and comfortably make $20 per hour. Doing this you will be both helping others and making cash.

Content Writer

Content writing clients can be found across the web and they can pay around $10 for a 500 word piece on an entry-level. If you have a gift with the pen, or the keyboard, and you think that you can meet the expectations then this is a side hustle which will certainly earn you $50 per day.

Which will be your next side hustle?