Revolutionizing Connectivity: Discover the Benefits of Mesh WiFi

It might sound surprising to many, but the internet is considered a mesh. Unlike conventional network connections controlled by internet providers, WOW mesh networks don’t have a single failure spot. As long as an individually wired router/device is within the insured range of other network nodes, the network connectivity will continue without fail. In recent times, the popularity of mesh wifi systems has been widespread. Because of its extensive popularity, it is replacing all network connections at home and in offices. 

Easy to Install or Set Up

One of the highlighting benefits of mesh wifi is its easy installation process. Once the initial installation or setup is completed, the mesh wifi router is ready to be connected to all its pre-setup satellites. Furthermore, one can easily plug in the first network node, adding more nodes as and when required. Including nodes is more straightforward than installing multiple wifi extenders. This is more so because, for each wifi extender, the configuration needs to be done independently of the device or router. This is time-consuming and demands more cost. Thus, mesh wifi is a better alternative, saving time and money.

High Coverage Flexibility

Another advantage of mesh wifi over other network connections is the high flexibility in network coverage. One can include or exclude nodes as and when required to change the coverage range. WOW, mesh wifi is ideal for those who move frequently and have a large office and home. An extensive range of coverage flexibility is essential to ensure the internet connection is high-speed and reliable without any glitches, unlike wifi extenders.

Higher Speed

When compared with wifi extenders, mesh wifi renders higher network speed. This is possible because mesh routers and nodes are configured to create a uniform, single network. Furthermore, the mesh wifi also aligns immediately and connects to devices on the fastest nodes while moving around the given coverage space. The nodes present in a mesh wifi can wirelessly communicate. Henceforth, the signals from the wifi don’t necessarily have to traverse from the router to the node and back and forth. 

Highly Reliable

Because of multiple nodes, mesh wifi systems are comparatively more reliable. If one node is down or situated far, the other nodes in the network can continue providing wifi signals. On the other hand, wifi extenders consist of only one router or device. If the device fails to connect or cannot reach the movement, there will be no internet connection. This is one of the many reasons why the WOW mesh wifi system is gaining such an extensive customer base across the USA.

Easily Scalable

With the rise in wifi and connectivity demands and needs, there is an utter need to increase the potential to match internet usage. This is another reason the mesh wifi system is perfect: it is easily scalable. Things are easy to handle if there is a need to increase the usage capacity or internet coverage. All that one needs to do is include more nodes in the mesh network as required. Thus, the mesh wifi system is ideal for rapidly developing or expanding businesses. 

Minimizes or Eliminates Dead Zones

Dead zones refer to those spaces or areas at home or offices where the wifi signals are either the weakest or no sign. Often people complain of dead zones while using traditional wifi systems. This can hamper productivity at work, and it is frustrating for people at home to experience a weak signal while playing games, watching a movie, video calling, etc. Thanks to mesh wifi systems, the dead zones are minimized or eliminated. This is possible because the mesh network features multiple nodes that communicate wirelessly with each other. Other nodes will keep the wifi signal strong if a node is situated in a dead zone.


From the above analysis, it is clear that WOW mesh wifi systems are better than wifi extenders in several ways. The stronger wifi signals and reliable internet connection significantly boost productivity and work ethics at the office. It won’t be wrong to mention that mesh wifi is revolutionizing network connectivity worldwide.