Earnity Presents: How Can Mobile Payments Improve Your Business’s Growth?

Earnity co-founders Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa realize just how quickly things can change in the world of finance. Money has evolved, seeing trade through coins, papers, plastic, and now people are paying for things with their smartphones using digital money. Demonetization was a significant factor in the adoption of a digital wallet called a mobile wallet in place of physical wallets (or m-wallets). A mobile wallet, or simply a digital wallet on your phone, is regarded as one of the finest technological advancements, and the digital payment business is gaining traction.

Nowadays, the smartphone is a staple in people’s lives. It is changing the way people live, travel, consume, and even pay for things. Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa build Earnity to employ one-click technology for paying all of your bills. As digital currency gains popularity, more companies will accept mobile payments.

Mobile payment systems enable your business to be there for your customers when they are ready to purchase. Not only will the extra convenience help you transform more leads into customers, but it will also minimize the purchasing reluctance that clients may feel when confronted with a typical checkout line.

Numerous mobile payment providers allow you to use client purchasing trends in marketing strategies. Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa created Earnity to help small company owners navigate their way through mobile payment options. Using mobile payment apps allows you to market appropriate products, price points, and special promotions to customers depending on their purchasing history.

The most current Nielsen data shows that more than half of all Americans spend approximately three hours every day on their mobile phones. Mobile payment transactions are quick, and electronic receipts streamline the customer’s shopping experience and simplify returning products if necessary. These minor details help create a quality experience that makes your customer feel important.