6 Tips for Building a Better Marketing Team

If you are looking to  build yourself a streamlined marketing team which is going to deliver results for your clients or indeed for your own business then there are some critical aspects which you need to consider. The world is very much one where marketing is more important that it has ever been before, for no other reason than the level of competition which we see across all industries and sectors. Employee engagement is also a huge factor of success. Recruiting companies like CulverServices offers employee engagement consulting. If you want to build a better marketing team, here are 6 tips on doing just that. If you’ve realized that outsourcing might be your best path, be sure to click here to check out some of your options.

Weakest Link

The saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link is absolutely true and this is something which can certainly be extended to marketing. There has to be connections across the team for an ad campaign or strategy to work and that is why you should always ensure that your weakest link is still a strong one.


A mistake which so many make when hiring team members is getting great individuals without considering how they may get on with others. This is where building a team can be tough, as it is about selecting people who mesh well with others.

Providing Tools

Very often the failure of a team is nothing to do with the individuals in it, but rather the lack of tools which they have to do their job. Ensure that your marketing team has everything that they need in order to deliver quality results.

Training and Retraining

Training is an essential aspect of a new employee coming through the doors but so too is retraining and there should be a solid structure in place for this to happen without fail. Regular training ensures that employees know how to do the job to the best of their ability, it also gives you a measure of where they are and it supports the management of the team on the whole.

Spotting Talent

It is always important that talent within the team is spotted and used in the right way. If for example somebody shows leadership potential then give them the opportunity, if someone appears to be talented but in the wrong area, look to switch things up. Taking action when it comes to talented people is critical for the future success of the team.

Fresh Ideas

In the world of marketing it is vitally important that there is a constant flow of fresh ideas coming from the team. In order to achieve this you either need people with their finger on the pulse of what is happening and what new ideas are coming out, or you need a steady flow of new people in the team setup. Another key aspect of this is having a leadership team which is open to listening and trying out any new and fresh ideas which are brought about.

Build the team in the right way and with the right ethos, and you are going to be highly likely to see solid levels of success produced by it.