6 employee rewards that people actually LOVE to receive

With staff retention rates reaching an all-time low in certain industries, modern workforces need something to motivate them and keep them engaged in their work. If you want to make sure that you’re giving your employees rewards that they’ll actually want to receive, keep reading.

1. Upgraded parking spots

People love parking spots that are close to the office and offer a chance for them to gloat a little bit. In the same way that having a VIP lanyard makes you feel that little bit superior, having one of the parking spots that’s near to the office and in the shade/sheltered from the elements will boost your ego and showcase just how hard working you’ve been.

2. Free lunch

One of the most loved employee rewards is giving an employee the chance to order their favourite food and share it with the team. Not only does this empower the winner, but it also acts as a great perk for the entire office too.

3. Event tickets

In terms of employee rewards, this works so much because everybody loves some type of music or events team. Not only that, but these types of events are prime spots for social media posts, giving your winner a chance to show off and a publicity opportunity for your business.

So, before it’s too late, find out what kind of events are taking place near you and get a couple of pairs of tickets as a reward for your hardworking employees.

4. Extra time off

Giving employees a bit of extra time off is a reward much loved by employees and employers alike. By giving those winning employees a Friday afternoon off, you’ll allow them to plan their fun-filled weekend or make the most of a few relaxing hours alone. The rest of the team is sure to be jealous when they start packing their things up at lunch time, but this acts as a useful incentive – benefitting the employer just as much as the lucky employee.

5. Tech accessories

If you’re looking to instil some healthy competitive rivalry into your team of employees, consider gifting tech accessories like headphones or a smart watch as an employee reward. Even better, pick something that the employer is likely to use on a daily basis as a reminder to both themselves and the rest of your team of the hard work they put in to receive the reward.

6. Spa days

Everyone loves a spa day, even if they claim they don’t. What’s not to love about the endless attention, smooth music and cooling face masks? Show some appreciation to your dedicated staff with some free of charge ‘me time’ by giving them a spa day or another special treatment – think massages, manicures, pedicures and facial treatments topped off with a dip in the jacuzzi. Ideally, these spa days can be used to help employees with ongoing medical conditions with deep tissue massages performed by experts like Infinite Health sports physio team.

Final thoughts – Employee rewards are essential

Creating a rewards system is an easy way to keep employees engaged, happy and motivated and, as you can see above, you don’t have to go all out and spend a ton of money. The key to a successful rewards system is consistency!