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Community Indicators

Government, business, and community groups worldwide are working together to build safe neighborhoods, vibrant business centers, vital landscapes, and effective public services. Community indicators expose obstacles to a healthy quality of life and reveal the economic, environmental, and social trends that are harbingers of positive change.

Some communities develop indicators within the context of sustainability, while others focus on healthy cities or quality of life. At Redefining Progress, we work with communities on a fee-for-service basis to assess environmental and social sustainability through Economic Analysis and the Genuine Progress Indicator. We also publish the Community Indicators Handbook, a guide for communities interested in pursuing their own indicator project.

Whatever the approach, project organizers are discovering that the process of developing indicators can bring many different sectors of the community together. Indicators reveal the common goals and shared values that foster alliances across traditional boundaries, and provide citizens with a better compass for understanding issues and the assets available to solve them.

When an environmentalist sees connections between affordable housing and habitat preservation, and a business leader comprehends the public health impacts of traffic patterns and parking demands, common ground emerges. As community members begin to appreciate such interconnections, new collaborations and regional coalitions are inspiring the revitalization of indicator projects across the country.

Sustainability Indicators

Community Indicators Handbook, 2nd Edition

Redefining Progress updated the popular Community Indicators Handbook in 2006. The 2nd edition integrates the basics of building an indicator project to meet community needs with the best practices of projects around the country. It includes insights into the progress and evolution of the indicator movement; and lists local, regional, and national organizations for reference.

The Community Indicators Handbook, 2nd Edition, offers:

  • Key steps for developing a successful indicator project
  • Insights into what we’ve learned in communities large and small, rural and urban
  • Case studies of projects that work to revitalize neighborhoods, enhance public health, and improve education, among many other goals
  • Profiles of organizations representing a range of approaches to developing indicators, and that are available to share information or exchange ideas
  • Innovative approaches toward collaborative efforts and action initiatives
  • Listings of resources, data sources, and a sample menu of indicators and categories
  • Local and regional application of Redefining Progress's key indicators
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