Why Keyword Research is So b For Your Business

Now is very much the time that you should be doubling down on your efforts to raise your internet profile and your business website is going to be the most important cog in the machine. This is your shop window and it is where all online roads will lead to, which is why you have to get it right. Addressing your website regularly will ensure that you are able to increase the Ux and it will also help you to drive traffic to your site, which of course should then result in higher sales. Safari SEO Agency states that one key to ensuring this traffic is through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and focusing on high quality content and within that, keywords are king.

Here is exactly why keywords and keyword research are so important.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a phrase which is typed into the search engine by a consumer when looking for products or services. Someone may be looking for a sensory analytics company for example, and they may enter something like ‘sensory analytics near me’ those 4 words would make up the keyword. When this keyword is typed in, the search engine uses its algorithm to find the  most relevant results and ranks them by relevance.

Why You Should Care

The reason why you should find this information important is that you can use keywords on your site which will help your site and business to be more visible. Search engine optimization is a way in which you can boost yourself up the search rankings when people look for keywords that pertain to your business and if you get it right then you will be placed on the first page, and visible to the consumer. Let’s say that you sell Bezzera coffee machines on your site, but you haven’t spent time on keyword research. Now let’s say that someone asks Google where they can find a ‘Bezzera coffee machine for sale,’ it is unlikely that you will feature on page 1 because there are other companies with stronger SEO, unless you consult with a specialized agency like seoagencysingapore.sg to improve your search rankings. Now if you go and work on your content and your keywords, in the future when people search that they are going to find you, and that is going to drive sales.

What to Look For

Now keywords are not the only way to feature on the first page of search engines, and that is because the big boys in the industry are likely to feature first, simply because of the level of trust which has been shown in them by millions of visitors to their sites. With this being said smart keyword usage can flip the script. For example if you are selling super structures for horses or for events, something like a Calhoun structure, then looking to win the keyword war with ‘Calhoun Super Structure‘ won’t cut it, as the industry giants will have covered that. What you need to do is investigate those keywords and find phrases which are often searched for, and which have low competition, i.e. few other businesses use them. For example you may find ‘Super Structure for Events’ being searched for, and you can use that keyword to drive more customers to your website.

As you can see, smart keyword usage can help increase your visibility and your sales.