Why Javier Burillo Thinks Property is the Safest Place For Your Money

You may have heard people suggest to you that brick and mortar is always the smartest investment, and those who say this are absolutely right. It is fair to say that we are living in uncertain times right now and when it comes to our investments and savings we have serious decisions to make. The banks aren’t offering much by way of interest rates, there are few opportunities in the world of business and unless you have a strong stomach, crypto looks incredibly volatile. It is for these reasons therefore that experts in the industry like Javier Burillo are doubling down on their message that real estate is the smart bet when it comes to investing, and here is why your money will be safest in property.

Tangible Asset

One reason why so many like to invest in real estate is that unlike the investment in stocks and shares, real estate provides us with a tangible asset that can be viewed and touched. Short of a natural disaster this asset is going nowhere and whilst its value will rise and fall, its presence will always remain.

Stability of the Market

There is no market which is as stable as the real estate market and again this adds to that level of safety which people are seeking. The market does move and tilt of course but in terms of sweeping changes this is something which so very rarely happens. Of course we are living through a volatile time right now but even at present the market is not swinging wildly like the stock market or FOREX. This is one of the most attractive prospects of real estate investment and once again showcases just how secure the market is.

The Price Always Rises

Since the dawn of time the price of real estate has gone up, above the rate of inflation and it continues to do so. There are always falls and crashes that take place but if you are in a position whereby you can wait it out, then you can guarantee that you will make money when you eventually sell the property. When people talk about real estate being where the smart money goes, they are talking about the fact that the value of the market has and always will rise. This means that you have very little to worry about when the market does crash, because your money is always going to be safe in the long term.

Money Maker

Across the world there is more demand for real estate than there is supply, another fact which has remained this way for decades. This means that your investment is always going to be safe and always going to be in a position to make you some money. In the short term you can look at seeing cash flow come in each month, and of course in the long term you will be able to profit from the eventual sale of the property.

This is why real estate is your safest investment, even during these tough times.