Why Businesses Have to Use SEO With Their Marketing Campaign

This year has shown us the great importance of digital marketing and there has been an enormous rise, especially in the retail sector, in small businesses investing in digital market strategies for the first time. The real attraction of an online strategy is that there are so many options in marketing a business, each working well for various businesses and target customers. Regardless of which digital marketing strategy a business does employ however, at its heart should be a clear focus on SEO, and here is why it is so important.

In a Nutshell

To those who are unaware of what SEO is, this is a strategy by which you can bump your company’s website up the search rankings for certain keywords. One SEO Brisbane consultant states that consumers rarely read beyond the first page of a search engine results and the top three results get 75% of all clicks. Let’s say that you have are an eye specialist and you are looking to boost your profile, you could aim for the keyword ‘eye specialist near me’. What this means is that you produce content which fits the keyword and you increase the user experience of your site so that the search engine deems your site a good option for a consumer who searches that exact keyword.

User Experience

As we have just touched on, the user experience of your site is essential, both for customers and for SEO. When a marketing team works on your SEO, they will focus on the details of your site which the search engine algorithm will focus on. This will see the improvement of content, grammar, use of meta data, media usage and site speed. Not only will your site become more SEO friendly, your users will love it.

Organic Search

You may be curious as to why this is called a marketing strategy, it is because of the sheer volume of organic search. Consumers now will use their map apps or the search engine to find online and offline businesses to use. The better your SEO is, the more likely you are to be found by the consumer when they are searching for a business such as yours.

Brand Growth

The idea of SEO is to not just target one keyword, in doing that you may not be able to compete with the whales in your industry. In targeting multiple keywords which have high search volume yet low competition, you can help to grow the brand of your business. The more that your name comes up in search results, the more of an impact you make on the consumer. Over time, the result of this will be a stronger brand and a better reputation online.


Whilst the big companies in your industry will have more money to throw at SEO, that isn’t always the only way to win. In fact this is very much a leveler and if you have a great team on your side then you can compete for market share with the larger companies, through the smart use of SEO.

This simply must form the foundation of your marketing strategy.