On countless occasions, the vibe to win the English Premier League had evaded the Liverpool Football Club. However, they have managed to win the intercontinental cup on several occasions; from the UEFA Champions League, EUFA cup, UEFA super cup, and local cups: in FA Cup, League cup, and the season cotton raiser cup (community shield). However, finally lifting the most prestigious British gong on the 22nd of July 2020, after they were confirmed champions due to the loss of Manchester City against Chelsea a month earlier is an episode that the Melwood Park faithful will want to relive again and again.

The red had been a dominant force across the country. However, Liverpool could not match the sheer dominance of the Citizens with outright local dominance as they eventually settle for the league only. Even, the previous season that Liverpool were really solid, they could only manage to win the UEFA Champions League alone as they watched Manchester city winning all the local competitions.

Liverpool is the defending champion of England, but the fact is that the glory by next year can be reclaimed once again? After their loss against Athletico Madrid in the UEFA champions league round of 16, Liverpool had suffered more loss than they did since the beginning of the 2018/2019 season combine. The local teams are now facing Liverpool with Champions mentality and that could be a down roll to the quest of reclaiming the feat they had this year.

Narrowly edging Leed City at Anfield on their English Premier League opening campaign, losing to Aston Villa in such a disgraceful manner at the Villa Park, and twice losing to the ever-improving Arsenal side under Mikael Arteta is not such a record that the Anfield team would want to hold in an unprecedented season in the history of English Premier League.

More importantly, other teams are gearing up to be the dominant force against the next campaign and thus reduce the chance of Liverpool getting their celebration once again come May 2021. The Red as a team was walking into the season with confidence in their fans head and mind that this current campaign would not be different from the last two as the sportsbooks and  the best high roller casino odd the defending champion to reclaim the EPL champion with +130 odds prior to the Van Dijk injury in Merseyside derby on 17the of October but are now the second favorite to win the EPL behind Manchester City with +180 odds.

A club like Chelsea; whom have had series of attacking talents in their ranks this summer is having the key interest of winning silverware at the end of the 2020-21 campaign despite reaching the final of the FA Cup last season. Also, Manchester City is always a favorite in any competition they participate and the rejuvenation of the Citizen is brazenly plausible with the acquisition of Nathan Ake, Ferran Torres, and Ruben Diaz, which is certainly changing the Etihad Stadium’s team fortune for the better this campaign. The like of Tottenham Hotspurs, Leicester, and Arsenal are going to compete fiercely for the local authority as the defending champion is a rock with series of injury in the ever compact season of football in England

Comparatively, can Liverpool be the champion of Europe once again? The chances are there up for grab. But the intercontinental competition could be a lot easier or hard depending on the preparation and current form of the European big teams. However, the stability of the most successful team in the UEFA Champions League is a problem for any team to rival. The presence of Messi and Ronaldo in Barcelona and Juventus respectively makes them pre-tourney favorites already. The like of Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-German is coming stronger every year as the earlier scoop the most prestigious club trophy from the latter in their UCL final encounter this August.

Winning the European Prestige club competition can be a story to tell. However, for Liverpool to be the champion of such competition, they must face the top team whom are also dreaming of the competition with much vitality as it had been evading them in recent years except Madrid who had their dominance in the tourney these past years. The signing of Ronaldo by Juventus can mainly be attributed to the winning of the UEFA Champions League and Barcelona is measure by their fans across the globe on the success of Intercontinental club competition. But the Anfield team is only behind the UCL defending champion (+275) and Manchester City (+450) with best online casinos  you can place your betting.

More so, either the Intercontinental competition or the local competition, Liverpool had hardly win doubles or treble except in 2001 when they won the former UEFA Cup, League cup, and Community shield. And this year where they won the UEFA super cup and league. The assurance of winning the UEFA super is already over as their defeat to the Athletico had warned of such prospect and the only reality is the community shield in September, as they were humbled yet again at the Wembley stadium by Arteta’s Arsenal with less intensity game at England’s capital city.

Liverpool might be outstanding this year, despite their team consistently facing the hurdle of injury and omission of some key players due to the Coronavirus infection and governing body guidelines. Furthermore, the signing of Thiago Alcantara and Diogo Jota could have been the best signing that could enforce Liverpool back to the European glory and local dominance this campaign, but the injury-ravaged team can barely win any trophy this campaign and Liverpool’s assurance of winning the trophy this season is basically equivocal to the competing team preparation, injury crisis, focus and determination to be the champion on all front. With Manchester city direct preparedness and hammering of other teams for the remainder of last season. That could be a warning to Liverpool that this season might be the year they walk alone without their celebration champagne at hand.