What Makes For a Great User Experience On Your Website

The big buzzword at the moment amongst the business world is User Experience or Ux, the ability to give customers an amazing experience on their website. In reality this is of great importance and that is because the world has so much choice that people just don’t believe that they have the time to hang around wasting their time on a poorly performing website. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a brush for horses or offering the best chargeback mitigation on pharmaceutical fees, the focus is still the same, make sure that you can offer outstanding Ux.

The question is however, what exactly do customers dislike about certain websites? Let’s take a look.

First Impression

hen a user first logs on to the site they should instantly find themselves engaged with well presented colors and designs, and they should instantly get a sense of what the site is all about, just like this website does. What they do not expect is to be confused and overwhelmed with options and calls to action, pop-ups and annoying videos that they cannot find to close down. The idea is to welcome the user, not scare them.

Page Load Time

The speed with which your pages load are based on the power of your server, the plugins which you have on the site and the level of media and the type of media which is featured. On average users will not wait more than 3 seconds before they decide that they have something better to do. You should constantly be checking your site to ensure that the page load time is swift.


Something else which users say annoys them is poor navigation and not being able to get to where they want to. Many get this wrong and there are two main reasons it happens. The first is that some web designers believe that more options are better and they will look to provide menus with sub-menus, this just leads to more confusion. The second reason this happens is that the designer is trying to be too simplistic and minimalist, which leads to a sever lack of options. Think about where a user may wish to go next, add internal links and sidebar links which can help lead the way.

Broken Links

There is nothing more frustrating than a broken link like a 404 and not only is it frustrating for the user, it doesn’t reflect very well on you. This is almost like having a store with a section in it that has nothing in it or which has been damaged by vandals. There are simple ways in which you can stay on top of any broken links and resolve them prior to the user dissevering them.

These are the keys to the ultimate user experience, they want to easily find what they are looking for, they expect results quickly and they want an efficient and a professional looking site. If you get this right then you have a much greater chance of making a sale.