What is HLR Lookup and Why it should be used in SMS marketing

When developing a customer data bank it is possible to meet with some blunders. Telephone numbers have a chance to change, which leads to the fact that the database will hold false information. There are also duplicate contacts or random landline numbers. Difficulties often have all chances to appear because of the change of operator, if the user will save a personal number, in these cases, you can not literally recognize to which operator belonged to a contact.

It is not easy to sort on the basis of data with a very large number of numbers. To facilitate the work with the bank of contacts is recommended to apply the IMSI-code search, which will facilitate the testing and exploration of phone numbers.

The main functions of the HLR search

Implementation of our service https://bsg.world/products/hlr-lookup/ provides a lot of benefits:

  • Verification of telephone numbers is probable autonomous from the area of residence of the users;
  • Costs for sending SMS messages will be significantly reduced, for example
  • As messages will be sent only to real numbers;
  • Inactive numbers will be deleted from the database.

You can be sure that all the information in the compiled database is considered relevant and reliable. Mobile number portability will no longer be a problem, and you can send messages to the purchasers who corrected the personal telephone number.

The mobile number address test service allows you to get detailed information about any mobile number. It will hold the date the number expires, the location of the contact, information about the user, and for example further. You can find out whether your messages are delivered, and recognize what effects the customer does with them (opens, sends to the trash, etc.).

If the caller is out of range at that moment, you can send your message later in order to increase the chances of delivery. This will undoubtedly help you to choose the most suitable route for sending both text and voice notifications.

How does the phone number test work?

The database has all the information about the telephone subscribers who have access to the GSM network. The information is updated when the operator activates a new mobile number. These numbers are saved until the subscribers stop using them. When the customer stops using the mobile number, this information is mechanically erased from the database. You can start testing international phone numbers in a non-invasive way, without notifying the customers.

These methods allow you to increase the effectiveness of your chosen advertising strategy. The list of contacts remains clear and vivid, in consequence of which the global messages will be delivered to the addressees.


The best method for sending global SMS messages is the preceding test subscriber numbers. This ensures that users are present in the network and will recite your message. This will allow you to increase the possibility of positive feedback and the conversion rate of your site.