Want to transform your home-focus on the furniture!

There is growing interest in recycling furniture as we become more conscious of the need for reuse and recycling. Today’s society needs to address mass-produced consumerism and the culture of disposability, and promote the benefits of recycling unwanted items. Effective rubbish removal services can play a key role in this effort by ensuring proper disposal and recycling of waste.

This is the best part about old furniture. With a little love, attention, and time you can make a unique piece of furniture for yourself. Another will. These furniture pieces have a story and can be re-purposed and updated to give them a new lease of life.

Although it can seem daunting to recycle furniture, it is not difficult once you learn the steps. I learned how to do it myself and made many mistakes, so I hope to save some time.

The Beginner’s Guide To Upcycling Furniture

Steps for upcycling

1. Use sugar soap or TSP to rinse the item well. Dry it.

2. Make sure to inspect for any defects. Fill any abrasions or holes with wood filler, and let dry.

3. Sandpaper for removing glare (sticking to ‘keyboard paints’).

Start with 80 grits, then move on to 120 grits.

You can finish it with a 180-grit to remove any scratches from the sanding.

Sandpaper should be less coarse if the soil is denser.

Sand in the same direction that the wood grain.

4. To remove dust from the sanding, use a cloth or white spirit.

5. You are now ready to paint!


My furniture usually has at least one painted component. I also often paint the entire piece. Experimenting with colors and geometric shapes is a great way to give an old piece of furniture new life. You can hide scratches and other imperfections by painting. I use either good wood paint (make certain you apply primer before painting) or Fusion Mineral paints (which do not require priming).

You can find beautiful wood furniture in charity shops waiting to be saved. Keep checking back the next time that you visit. If you feel overwhelmed by a large project, try making smaller items like wooden candlesticks or photo frames.

Where can you find furniture to upcycle?

You can find antique furniture online that you can upcycle in places such as Gumtree, Facebook marketplace, and eBay. Locally, you may find great deals that will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint while still getting an antique wardrobe that you can use for your upcycling projects.

Also, you can check your local second-hand market, charity shops, and search for car boot sales in your area.


We hope you find our guide to upcycling inspiring. You don’t have to spend a fortune on upcycling, and your home doesn’t need to be in disarray.