Top 5 Benefits of Kitchen Mixer Taps

As if buying kitchen sinks wasn’t difficult enough, next up you need to focus on which types of taps are going to the best option for you. The most common choices here are mixer taps and single lever taps, and today we are going to take a look at just some of the many benefits of a mixer tap. This is a tap which features a single spout where the water comes from and is usually operated with a single lever or two taps, one for hot and one for cold.

Increasingly we are seeing more mixer taps used in kitchens, and these are the advantages of this tap choice which are inspiring people to do so.

Easier to Use

Mixer taps are far and away the easier tap to use, even more so when the single lever variety is chosen. There is no need to turn each tap to try and manage water pressure or heat, it can be done with the flick of a wrist. As any child knows, unloosening a tap which an adult has closed is no easy feat! This option takes that difficulty away.


Rather than having to play about with two spouts, wasting water as you try to gauge the overall temperature, you will know straight away what the temperature is of the combined hot and cold with this option. This leads to less water being wasted and that will save you money.

Modern Style

Mixer taps are a much more modern option to buy for your kitchen, not only are they an upgrade regarding functionality from the traditional tap, but in look too. You can explore a variety of these modern upgrades here. Even if you added a modern, sleek-looking material and design to a traditional tap, they would still look like that older, more traditional style, in the case of a mixer however, you can play around with varying styles to really bring home that fresh appeal which will match with modern kitchen sinks.

Safer To Gauge Temperature

Not only is it easier to gauge temperature but it is safer too. Turning on two spouts to fill up the sink may look right, but when you plunge your hand in you’ll quickly realise whether or not there is too much hot in there, and that won’t be comfortable. Using the mixer you can identify very quickly what the temperature will be, and avoid any nasty incidents.


The economical nature of these taps is not only good for your pocket, but also for the environment. More and more we are seeing people looking to renovate their home and placing a higher emphasis than before on its green credentials. When it comes to tap choices for your renovated kitchen then there are none out there which offer the water economy which a mixer tap is able to.

Once you have settled on a mixer tap, that is when the fun really begins, as next up you will be looking at style, material and the finish of the taps. Your choice will ultimately be based on what kind of kitchen style you have, and what your individual needs are regarding how you will be using the taps and sink in the home.