Top 4 Cities to Buy a Home in Arizona

The climate, the beauty of nature, and the proximity to great culture — Arizona has so much to offer those interested in moving to the state. If you’re making the decision right now, these four cities will make excellent choices to put down roots, build a life, and maybe raise a family.

Arizona offers a lot for those who demand a lot. It has the great outdoors and metropolitan areas. It has higher learning and remarkable history. It includes a variety of weather types from four seasons to perpetual sun, and you can find such a range just driving across the state.

Let’s take a look at what makes these cities such good options for anyone looking to relocate and what you can expect once you’ve made the big move. Here are our best choices for homebuyers moving to Arizona.

Scottsdale – Excellent All-Around City

Scottsdale was recently voted one of Arizona’s best suburbs to raise a family and no wonder. It offers excellent public schools, low crime rates, and plenty for both singles and families to explore. It’s an up-and-coming area, slowing getting recognition for everything it has to offer, so get in on the action from the beginning.

It has a booming economy at the moment, following the broader trend of companies moving to Arizona. The population isn’t too large but boasts enough people that you and your children have plenty of chances to make friends. Along with a vibrant downtown area perfect for dining and shopping, you’ll have plenty to do.

Movers to the area will be pleased to find that Scottsdale homes for sale are priced with a range of budgets in mind. This distinction is a welcome change from real estate in many areas of the country, with plenty of homes priced around the $400,000 range and under.

Scottsdale quick look:

  • Great for families with school-age children
  • An excellent choice for shopping
  • A good suburb choice for those escaping the city
  • Mild winters with overwhelming sunshine

Tucson – For History and Food Enthusiasts

Voted one of the top 100 cities to live in’s sixth annual survey, Tucson has a ton to offer new residents. One of the most interesting things about the 2019 list is that none of the cities has a median home value over $250,000, making it prime real estate for new families looking for affordability.

Besides that, Tucson is rich in history for Native American enthusiasts and lies close to the Sonoran Mountains. Outdoor activities are plentiful and can happen year-round thanks to the gorgeous, sunny weather. It’s also home to great nightlife and the University of Arizona.

Tucson has a newly revitalized city center complete with streetcar transportation, making it fun and accessible for both singles and families. Add in historic cites all over the map, and you’ll have plenty to explore on your weekends off. Plus, it’s extra bike-friendly, offers year-round festivals of all kinds, and even has an Old Tucson recreation. Visit this wild west town and explore what Arizona was like when the west was shaping.

Plus, it’s the home of the chimichanga. What else could you ask for?

Tucson quick look:

  • Excellent for history buffs
  • Suitable for families with high school/university age children
  • Good public transportation
  • A gastronomy capital of the US

Flagstaff – Healthy, Holistic Living

If the desert isn’t really your thing, but you want to take advantage of Arizona’s economic growth, Flagstaff is a great choice. It features all four seasons and some of the best snowfall in the country. It’s heavily geared towards outdoor activities and is just a short way from the Navajo Nation Reservation and Phoenix.

Flagstaff offers lots of festivals and shows covering a variety of interests, and a thriving downtown area provides good shopping and dining. It’s close to the grand circle, a region containing the highest concentration of national parks and monuments in the country.

Flagstaff offers a heavy emphasis on natural living and green initiatives. It’s an International Dark Sky City, offers plenty of natural and local grocery stores, and has a city-wide sustainability initiative offering recycling, sustainable building, and energy initiatives.

Median home prices hover around the $400,000 range, making it more affordable than some other cities known for sustainability. It makes an excellent option for singles and families looking for the outdoor life in a smaller yet environmentally friendly area.

Flagstaff quick look:

  • An excellent choice for the health/environmentally conscious
  • Perfect for those who love winter and season changes
  • Close to some of the best outdoor areas in the country
  • Offers excellent views of the night sky thanks to light pollution initiatives

Buckeye – A Metropolitan/Suburb Balance

As the western-most suburb of the Phoenix area, Buckeye offers a nice compromise between family-friendly suburbs and metropolitan life. It’s a fast-growing area, offering tons of economic opportunity and affordable real estate in the mid $300,000 range, with some areas offering excellent housing in the mid $100,000 range.

With lots of job opportunities and proximity to Phoenix for even further career options, this is a wonderful place for young families or mid-career professionals looking to change things up. Good school districts serve k12 students, while community college and a thriving senior center provide enrichment for everyone in the family, no matter what your family looks like.

Buckeye offers beautiful, year-round weather with views of the Sonoran Hills, lots of park areas, plentiful golf options, and a ride into downtown Phoenix just 35 miles away. It also offers something for history buffs and festival goers with year-round events and an old-fashioned cattle drive parade during Buckeye Days.

Buckeye quick look:

  • Excellent blend of metropolitan and suburban living
  • Great for families with mixed age groups
  • Excellent job opportunities for young and career professionals
  • Perfect for golf lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and warm weather lovers

Making Arizona your Next Home

Arizona is a growing, thriving state with so much to offer young professionals, families, and those of retirement age. Whether you’re looking for your perfect golf membership in Buckeye, researching Scottsdale homes for sale, or exploring what it’s like to live in an International Dark City, our list of great cities for relocating to Arizona has your back.

When you’re choosing a city, it’s possible to blend the need for a quiet suburban family life with everything a city has to offer. Combine it with some of the most beautiful terrain in the country and proximity to tons of national parks and outdoor spaces, and you have the best of many worlds here in Arizona.