Things that make a garden more charismatic

After that long hectic day, when you make yourself the perfect cup of coffee with a perfect dollop of sugar, a hint of cream and the refreshing aroma of the coffee beans, you like to sit back in your garden and shake off all the tiresome bits of your day off your shoulder. Now, as you are just laying around in the comfy chair of your garden, you notice a few things missing and a few things out of space. Disrupting the whole illusion of the perfect coffee and me time? Here are a few options you can shop for that will bring the life and spark back:

  • Plants and pots

A garden is all about its plants, combination of outdoor, cactus, flowering plants like money plant, bonsai, roses and lilies you will be set to go. If you plant them in beautiful potters that match with the decor too.

  • A well of recycled items

Probably the most exciting and intriguing thing about your garden is DIY well, let’s get into it a little deeper. Made with old tires, painted like well bricks you can place planters on edge and give it all an antique look, and be as creative as you like.

  • A pebble house

Maybe not much for utility, but the aesthetic look that a pebble house will bring to your garden is eye-catching. You can go DIY and paste pebbles on a pot and give the whole illusion of a house with a fake mini door as well, or you can shop online.

  • Butterflies and bees

Well, the real ones are not in your control, but you can do something to bring them to beautify your garden. Using silver or crystal butterflies and bees, placing them on leaves and flowers will give your garden a subtle hint of completeness.

  • Glass bottles and beautification

Using old glass bottles and filling them with pebbles, the soil of different gradients, some fake peas, or colourful stones is a mind-blowing idea. It is very different from what you see in a usual household and its garden and is your window to be exotic.

  • Lightings for the plants

A trendy idea these days is decorating plants with lights and decorative materials. Surrounding your plants and flowers with subtle white and yellow lights giving them space to breathe and glow, you will add a stunning look to your garden.

  • Big stones and painted

Having big rocks or stones that are the perfect size for your garden, not too big or too small is the first move. Then going all DIY on them with your paint brushes painting turtles, squirrels, butterflies on them is a hit idea.

  • Hanging planters

If everything’s on the ground, there is nothing to stare at when you lay back. Join in that view a few hanging planters with some creepers potted in them. They could be the usual green, brown or mix and match of colourful shades.

Ready with your shopping list, you have some buying to do. The best cup of coffee and the most amazing view is waiting for you.