Public Liability Insurance for a Handyman

As a handyman no two days are the same. One job you could be installing an oven and the next fixing a leaking pipe. Your job is to perform tasks that others find difficult but is easy for you. This business will definitely keep you on your toes but it is important to remember to take out public liability insurance.

Public liability insurance provides you with financial protection if you cause damage to property or injury to a person as a result of your actions at work. It also covers legal bills if you’re required to hire a lawyer as part of the claims process. As you know accidents happen no matter how careful we are, a liability claim could result from something as simple as someone tripping on your tools and after a successful claim, you could be liable for expenses such as rehabilitation costs, medical bills, repairs and replacements. For small businesses, this could spell financial disaster.

This is where we step in. If you have Public liability insurance with All Trades Cover, we can cover some of these risks at a very affordable cost. We specialise in providing insurance for tradesman and we speak your language. Our job is to make it easier for you to get the right insurance for your business so you can focus on your job. Our public liability insurance for a handyman can cover you for a number of risks associated with many trades including the following.

Public Liability Insurance for Plumbers

If you are required to work as a plumber as part of your handyman business, you need to ensure you have Public Liability Insurance that completely covers you. Don’t accept policies with sneaky exclusions trying to reduce your cover. Public liability insurance will cover you for incidents like a third party slipping in a puddle of water or damage to someone’s property accidently caused by you. At All Trades Cover we have paid out 100% of every claim that’s been submitted since the day we started.

Public Liability Insurance for Carpenters

In any workplace, it is essential to ensure your safety. As a handyman, you may be required to perform carpentry tasks and this involves some risks. You are working with different people, on different work sites in different environments. Choosing the right public liability insurance insurance for carpenters may be the most important decision you face. In the unfortunate event of causing injury to others, or unintentional damage to someone’s property, public liability insurance for a handyman would be there to protect you.

Public Liability Insurance for Welders

A handyman may be required to do some welding and as a welder you face a number of potential risks which could result in a public liability claim. This includes a third party being burned by sparks or damage occurring to property due to heat or flames. With the nature of this business, it is so important to insure you have public liability insurance to protect you from financial stresses.

Public Liability Insurance for Electricians

Some tasks as a handyman may require you to work as an Electrician.  Working with electricity, your insurance needs are very specific and nothing but the perfect fit will do. Here at All Trades Cover we specialise in insurance for tradies, and because we only cover tradies, we know the best way to keep you covered.

Public Liability Insurance for Plasters

As a handyman, you may be required to fix holes in walls and ceilings. Plasterers Public Liability Insurance is your last line of defence to protect your business from accidental damage that results from your work – even when it’s not your fault. And when it comes to tradies, All Trades Cover are the insurance experts with over 20 years of experience.

Obtaining public liability cover will not only give you peace of mind during normal business operations but also protect you in an unfortunate situation or when an accident occurs. You will also protect your assets and save valuable time that you can spend focusing on your work instead of a lawsuit.

How can I get a public liability insurance quote?

At All Trades Cover, we offer an easy to use online quoting system that you can use to arrange your public liability insurance. If you are unsure what level of cover you require or work in a higher risk environment, we can also provide professional service and advice.

We, at All Trades Cover, can provide competitive insurance for all trades and all business sizes in Australia. Our insurance brokers understand risks and needs associated with your industry and can provide expert advice. For your public liability insurance quote, contact us on 1300 826 850 or get an online quote now!