Products you need to invest in during the next apocalypse

The year of 2020 has given us an unprecedented look at what a real disaster could end up looking like. If you’re anything like us, you spent the first few weeks of quarantine binge watching movies about zombies, pandemics, and all around chaos. You may even be one of those “preppers”. You know, those people that stock up food and ammo for the end of the world? While this is a pretty outlandish hobby, we thought that it might be fun to look at some underrated items you can invest yourself in during the next apocalypse

Home Defense

A lot of the preppers on TV are crazy, and crazy RICH. They often have million dollar hideouts in the woods, bunkers that could withstand a direct hit from an atomic bomb, and various fences, booby traps, and more. Even the lightweights usually have an insane police gear collection complete with guns/ammo, PPE, and gas masks. Now, the odds are, all of this stuff probably isn’t in your budget at all. That’s why we recommend getting the best hunting crossbow at the lowest price. Reusable, good for hunting game (or zombies), and a great way to keep out looters during the apocalypse. 

A way to reach civilization 

If you’ve ever seen any zombie movie ever, the climax of the film is when they finally get some radio signal or other evidence of the remains of human civilization. Usually, this is at the very last scene of the film, but not always (see 28 days later). Reaching civilization through physical means will probably be very difficult and expensive. After all, it’s probably a bit cheaper to get a radio than a fully decked out zombie car with plenty of gas. If the internet is up, now could be your time to make a fortune blogging the apocalypse with live updates. However, in this world, you’ll still have to compete with other survivor blogs, so make sure you get some good seo services for your site. 

Personal Items

We hope that if you’re seriously prepping for a crazy doomsday scenario, you’ve properly identified how to acquire the resources that really matter. You’re not going to go far without food, water, medicine, and other essentials. But, there’s a reason everyone started hoarding toilet paper in March 2020. 9 out of 10 apocalypse survivors will forget the really important stuff. We’re talking toiletries, paper towels, laundry detergent, cooking supplies, specialized clothing, and even things to do in the boredom of doomsday. Make sure you consider everything that you could possibly need. 

Remember to relax

Here’s the deal: In the event of a worldwide catastrophe, there probably isn’t much hope for life to return to normal (at least in your lifetime). It’s gonna be stressful, and not a lot of fun. Furthermore, this is assuming you even survive at all. Let’s be honest. No circumstances in the apocalypse are ideal. That’s why you should stock up on some wine from It’ll make fighting zombies a bit more relaxing.