Nights on the Tiles (and Days)

No matter if you party late into the evening or rise at sunset to get an early start, your home can be equally comforting and welcoming with luxury vinyl flooring, also known as LVT.

Among the many qualities that make vinyl so appealing for flooring is that no matter your lifestyle, there are options to compliment it.

The Party Host

If you are a regular party host and have plenty of people around the home to socialise, then vinyl flooring is the option for you to maintain strong, durable flooring throughout the year.

Also, its easy to clean after a busy night no matter if there are footprints or spilled wine. No spending the day after on hands and knees trying to scrub alcohol out of a carpet, instead you are simply sweeping, sponging and mopping the floor within minutes, ready to rock for the rest of the day.

With the perfect complement to vinyl being underfloor heating, those nights can get even cosier even if it’s a Christmas get together.

The Early Riser

Are you a dedicated fitness freak and like to get up, work out and get running before the day starts?

Well then vinyl flooring offers you that same warm comfort from getting straight out of bed to even that first morning shower. Due to moisture resistance and anti-slip properties you can get out of the shower or bath and not worry about the health of your floor or even your own.

Even if it rains in the morning your floor will not suffer from the elements with a quick clean up before leaving the house for work.

The Matching Type

No matter what your furniture and fixtures are, vinyl will have the style to match.

If you like to be consistent with the look or like to highlight specific features of the room, the many designs, textures and palettes available can compliment your home or give it a feel of connected design. If you have wooden fixtures try wooden vinyl and if your sideboards have a look of slate then choose the flooring style to match.

With vinyl you can be as perfect in your organization as you want to be.

The Outlandish Type

Maybe you crave character within your home and decorate based on your own vibes and personality.

Well there is vinyl for you too whether you prefer abstract or very vibrant color schemes, you can find wild varieties to really highlight your uniqueness to visitors.

Supply in Demand

With so many choices come so many suppliers with their own unique designs and palettes to choose from.

Amtico is by far the industry standard when it comes to luxury vinyl flooring, with impressive and contemporary designs throughout their collections of Signature Woods and others. Luvanto is a nation’s favourite that provides impressive, creative and stylish designs through ranges such as herringbone and parquet among others. Both are deemed the industry’s best vinyl providers for satisfaction. Invictus will give any space in your home exquisite style using natural element replica planks and tiles to provide you with lasting décor and versatility.

No matter what lifestyle you prefer between a host with the most or the one getting that early beginning to the day, Luxury vinyl flooring delivers all around satisfaction for you and whatever the day brings you.