Must Visit Places in Denmark  

Denmark is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Many people don’t want to visit the country to have better livelihood options but also to enjoy the true beauty of the country. There are a lot of tourist destinations in Denmark that can be visited once you obtain the Danish tourism visa from any eminent visa services provider like Visa Express. The following are some of the top-notch places you must be visiting on your trip to Denmark.  

· Tivoli Gardens  

This garden was set up way back in the late 17th century however it has undergone massive transformations to allure visitors. The Disney theme imbibed in the design of this park attracts a lot of people across all age groups. This beautiful venue has appeared in most of the movies and there is a very long line of visitors to this place be it at any time of the year. During the night, the fireworks display adds beauty to the view. The Gardens is best visited during the Christmas season where the entire places look much adorned.  

· Nyhavn 

While speaking of Copenhagen, this is the place that strikes a person’s mind. The colourful houses and buildings dotting the coast is a beautiful sight to catch. There is a whole lot of things you could enjoy at this coast which served as a harbour in the past. You could reach Sweden by taking a hydrofoil from here. There are a lot of cafes that surround this place.  

· National Museum of Denmark  

This place is just a 10-minute walk from the Tivoli Gardens. If you wish to know the length and breadth of Danish culture and history, then you must be visiting this museum. This isn’t just another museum that hosts a lot of artefacts from the past but has a lot of attractions for the children as well.  

· Christiansborg Palace  

This palace is today’s date houses the Parliament of the government, Prime Minister’s Office and the Supreme Court. The Palace served as the prime power centre of the Danish Kingdom in the past. History says there was a Bishop Castle in the very same place built around 1100 AD and it was destroyed during the invasions that took place in the 14th century. The remains of the palace are there in the complex in today’s date as well. The palace is situated on a tiny island within the city of Copenhagen and it’s a must-visit.  

· Oresund Bridge  

Calling this bridge, a Scandinavian icon isn’t at all an exaggeration. This bridge connects the home city of Copenhagen to the largest island in Denmark, Zealand. The bridge is more than 8 km long. Both train and bridge can pass through this bridge. It gained much popularity after it got featured in the Swedish TV Series, The Bridge. The bridge on the side of Copenhagen begins with a tunnel to not interfere with the flights as it’s adjacent to the airport. A drive through this bridge is indeed a lifetime experience.  

· Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Odense  

Odense and Aarhus are the other important cities in Denmark after the capital city Copenhagen. If you are a fan of stories and fantasy tales, then there are very few chances of you not being aware of the famous writer Hans Christian. All the Danish folklore is completely based on his style of writing. The museum houses his work; snippets from his autobiography are also included in this place. There are a lot of exceptional facts that make this place worth the visit.  

· Vikings Ship Museum Roskilde 

If you are a fan of the TV series Vikings, then you mustn’t miss out on visiting the Vikings Sea Museum at Roskilde. This place speaks of the exceptional ways used by the seafarers Vikings to build ships at the dockyards. Several underwater expeditions were conducted to unearth the ships of the lost era. These are kept for viewers’ display at the museum. A recent addition to the museum is the interactive display where the visitors can go on a ship and get the real-time feel of being in a ship sailing through the rough seas’ day and night in all the weather conditions.  

Denmark is a treat to the eyes, mind and soul. If you are planning a trip to Europe after obtaining a Visa from Visa Express, then don’t miss out on visiting this one-of-a-kind Nordic country. People of all age groups in your family would remember this trip for life.  

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