Malta Citizenship vs. Malta Residence Permit: What are the differences

It’s hard to imagine that Malta was once part of the Hospitaller Order, with knights in armor strolling through the narrow streets on horseback. But it was. Now it is a small power in the middle of the sea, consisting of clusters of fish-shaped islands, striking visitors with its beauty and ancient architecture. At a small distance from each other, you will find places of pilgrims, caves with turquoise water where pirates used to hide, and the stunning beauty of ancient buildings. However, the modern territory is not deprived of this, so it is worth reconsidering plans and changing nationality. It is worth deciding to invest in the economy through a unique program designed for foreigners. It highlights several key points, which will be discussed in our article.

Understanding Malta Citizenship

The concept implies the right to be protected and participate in the state’s life. In order to obtain a Malta passport by investment, specific requirements must be met, such as residence on the island for a certain period, knowledge of the Maltese language and history, sufficient income, and no criminal record. 

Benefits of Maltese Passport and Citizenship

Many people go abroad hoping to gain cherished freedom; in this case, you get more than you want. Here are a few more important advantages of acquiring a second passport:

  • by obtaining an entry permit, a resident can expect to travel freely;
  • living, studying, and working anywhere in the Eurozone; in fact, unlimited horizons are opening up before him;
  • soft tax system;
  • doors to international business;
  • the opportunity to vote in presidential elections and become deputies themselves;
  • no terrorist organizations, the region is safe for everyone, including young children;
  • children have the right to study at any university in the republic or to choose education abroad;
  • highly developed medicine, insurance, many public and private clinics, and many other priorities.

Resident support is felt from the Maltese, and dual citizenship is allowed here, although this tactic is not common to all states.


So, the requirements are as follows:

  • It is required to apply through an agency;
  • pass successfully biometric checks, and the authorities need to make sure that their sources of income are legal and clean;
  • it is necessary to take an English language test;
  • no criminal record and sufficient financial resources to support yourself and your family;
  • make an investment.

According to a specialist of the company Immigrant Invest Zlata Erlach, documentation processing usually takes 12 to 16 months, but there is an accelerated option for a fee.

Process of Acquiring Maltese Citizenship

Getting a second valid cosmopolitan passport is regulated by the Maltese Nationality Act. The most important condition is the contribution of at least 690 thousand euros. This includes a money transfer to a charity fund, as well as the need to rent or buy real estate: an apartment, a villa, or a hotel. 

Understanding Malta Golden Visa

This document certifies a foreigner’s place of residence in the island republic and is a full-fledged Malta residence permit. It is issued within three months and grants the resident certain rights. For this document is allowed to move the whole family, including elderly relatives or minors, all those under the applicant’s guardianship.

Benefits of Maltese Residence Permit

Everyone will choose an affordable method of moving, the fastest we describe now. Golden Visa countries open many advantages, among them:

  • health insurance for citizens and free treatment;
  • education internationally and go to university not only on the island but also in Europe or America;
  • low food prices;
  • the convenient location of the island between Italy and Tunisia;
  • Low taxes and no taxes for individuals;
  • travel in any direction.

In other words, everything is almost the same as obtaining a second passport. A unique place, combining a stable political environment, a constantly developing economy, a favorable geographical location, and a low crime rate, put it on par with the leading European states.


To use the chance, one must meet the following properties:

  • apply and fill out the application form; 
  • take out medical insurance for the entire period of stay;
  • Provide proof of means of subsistence of at least €14,000 per year for one applicant, plus €5,000 per year for each family member;
  • own property or have a lease agreement for housing;
  • provide a complete list of one’s financial and personal contacts.

In addition, applicants need to have an interview at the embassy and pay for the registration of the Malta RP status.

Process of Acquiring Maltese Golden Visa

The processing time varies from several weeks to several months. Having received a visa, you can live and work in Malta for one year. After this period, you must renew your residence permit for another year. After five years in the region, a request for citizenship is submitted.


The Maltese state on the island of the same name appeals to many people. Contributing to developing solar power to ensure a bright future is not challenging. The difference between the gold pass and residence is that the first document gives all the rights, except for participation in elections and voting, and has a short validity period. The second passport provides all rights and is issued for 5-10 years. A golden visa brings you closer to obtaining a citizen’s legal rights.