How Tutors Near Me Have Been Supporting The Community

There are many tutors near me who use this as a side hustle, and who have tried that side earner into something which has greatly helped the community over the last 12 months. The pandemic has of course hit everyone hard and that is why we have been forced to come together and do all that we can to help wherever possible. Tutors in particular have been a great help and they have supported a number of situations which I want to look into today. Education is absolutely critical and the closure of schools and colleges threatened that, thankfully however, many tutors have been on hand to help.

Helping Students

The first point to make is that tutors have been absolutely instrumental in helping those students who just don’t enjoy learning from home or who have difficulties in an online classroom. The reality is that it just isn’t the same learning online as it is when you are actually in the classroom environment. In order to supplement that learning and give support to those students, online tutors are able to follow up and help to fill in any blanks or any areas of difficulty which the students are having.

Helping Parents

It is not just the students who have found great help in online tutors but also parents. So many parents were charged with home-schooling the kids and to be honest this is a mighty big ask. Many parents do not have the time, the will, the patience or indeed the knowledge to be able to properly help their child t continue their education, and that is no fault of theirs. Thankfully however tutors have been able to step in and fill in for parents across the country, offering support to children young and old who need to continue the consistency around their education.

Changing Message

A couple of my friends are tutors and they switch their plans very early on, when it looked their source of income would soon be stopped. The first thing that many tutors did was to lower their costs in order to make this a more accessible service. Lower overheads associated with online teaching helped this, and ultimately it was the right thing to do for students and parents alike. Another thing that many did was to reach out to local schools in order to put the word out about their services. This is something which a school usually wouldn’t do, yet in the situation they recognized that it would in fact be for the good of the students.

Tutors have formed a key part of the continuation of so many children’s education during the last 12 months and many of them have looked for ways in which to get creative in order to keep the  money coming in and to support those students to the absolute best of their ability. They are a perfect example of how being creative and community spirited can help through a bad situation.