How to Sell a Business: Why E-commerce Entrepreneurs Need to Have an Exit Strategy


Starting a business is a very exciting time. From coming up with the concept, to marketing the idea, to seeing customers start to take notice, it can all be very rewarding. However, while running your business, you also need to have your sights set on the end of the road.

No one runs a business forever, and there may eventually be a time where you want to do something new, or even retire. While you might think this is easy, this is not always the case. Selling a business and having a good exit requires a plan. If no such plan exists, your sale might not go as well as it could have.

Thankfully, this article will include a couple of tips aimed at helping you sell your business easier. But before we look at some tips on how to sell a business, let’s take a closer look at why having an exit strategy is so important for entrepreneurs.

Why is Having an Exit Strategy so Important?

Having an exit strategy as an e-commerce entrepreneur is of the utmost importance. While you might be enjoying owning and operating your business right now, you should have a plan or strategy well before you actually need to implement it. One reason that developing an exit strategy is so important is that life is unpredictable.

Things could be going great, and then all of a sudden something could happen that changes everything. This could be an accident, illness, unforeseen advancements, a recession or several other things. For example, the recent Covid-19 pandemic led to many businesses closing for good, all of which had no idea something like this was coming.

If you are blindsided by an event or situation, you may not have time to come up with a reasonable plan on the spot. This could lead to you being taken advantage of or leaving a lot of money on the table. Having a plan is a part of being prepared for the future, whether it is good or bad.

Also, there will be a time when you need to retire, and it’s a good idea to think about this well in advance. Are you going to sell the company? Close it down? Pass it on to a child? These are things you need to think about in advance.

Tips for Selling a Business


Now that you’re aware of the importance of an exit strategy, let’s go over a couple of tips when it comes to selling a business successfully.

Hire a Broker

Hiring one of the top 10 best business brokers in your area is a good idea if you plan to sell your business. They will help you craft the listing and get much better visibility for your business. They can even reach out to potential buyers and assist you in negotiating. Also, consider working with other experts (such as lawyers) who can assist you with the paperwork and other aspects of the sale.

Find the Right Value and Price

Identifying the value and setting the price of your business is another important thing to keep in mind when selling a business. The price needs to be large enough that you are happy with the outcome, but also a number that is acceptable for potential buyers. There are several different methods an entrepreneur can use to value their business, but the exact value can vary greatly depending on industry, location and others.

Clean up the Books

When someone is looking to buy a business, they want to get completely transparent information about the finances to make an informed decision about buying a business. It is often a big red flag for buyers when the finances are all over the place. If your books are a mess, confusing or inaccurate, finding a buyer willing to pay your asking price will be next to impossible. So before listing your business, be sure to clean them up and make sure everything is accurate.

While you might have no plans to sell your business, having an exit strategy is generally a good idea. If you want to sell your business, be sure to consider consulting with a broker, choose the right price and clean up the books.

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