How to Keep Your Cannabis Safe At Home

With cannabis now legal in so many states there is of course a great deal of attention on this and the cannabis business has grown greatly in recent months. We are starting to think about marijuana in a wholly different way and that is something which is very positive indeed. One particular aspect of this which we must keep in mind is the safety of our cannabis at home, especially if there are young children in the house. We know that directly eating cannabis can’t exactly get you too high, bu a 10 year finding a joint in the home who has seen people smoke before, well that could end up turning out very badly indeed.

Thankfully there are many brilliant companies like which have a range of options for smokers which they can use to keep their stash safe. If you are a smoke and you are unsure about safety, here are some tips.


More often than not cannabis is left around the home when it is widely used rather than if it is only used and kept in the same room. This is of course fine if you live alone, but if you do live with children then it makes sense to keep it all concentrated to the same room so that you can best manage it.


There are some great zip lock bags now which are incredibly difficult to open and that is a great option for storing your stash. These bags are also completely scent free which means that the cannabis can stay there without stinking up the place. The bags are low cost and you can buy them in bulk so that you will always have them around when you need them.

Stash Box

By far and away the best way to keep your cannabis stored is with a stash box which can be closed and locked. This is a surefire way to keep anyone from finding or gaining access to your stash, and you can keep the key on you at all times.


Another big danger is edibles, especially those which look like cookies and gummies, which of course are going to attract a lot of attention from younger children. If you do have kids in the house then you absolutely have to keep these out of their sight and out of their reach. Even if you do not have kids in the house it will be essential that you clearly mark packaging which has cannabis edibles inside them. These edibles can often hit hard and they are easy to ingest, this is why you should be extra careful when you have these in the house.

Cannabis is legal to use but there is a clear responsibility on user’s shoulders that they are doing all that they can to keep it well stored and out of the way of anyone who like children or non-users who may simply eat something by mistake. Be smart and keep the stash as safe and as far out of the way as possible.