How to Create Longer Lashes with Lash Extensions

If you’re like most women, you’ve dreamed of having long, lush lashes that make others do a double-take. While it’s possible to achieve these effects through carefully applied mascara and falsies, it’s also possible to achieve them with the help of lash extensions. Here are some tips on how to create longer lashes with lash extensions so you can finally ditch your eyelash curler and mascara tubes!

Why Get Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions, also known as lash perming or false eyelash application, are semi-permanent cosmetic enhancers that provide longer and thicker eyelashes. They can be a great way to add glamour and volume to your natural lashes. When it comes to boosting your overall look, few beauty techniques can beat lashes that pop! But before you decide whether lash extensions are right for you, there are some important things you should know about them—like how long they last and what their side effects are.

Lash Extensions Vs. Mascara

Before eyelash extensions were so popular, people used mascara and eyeliner to make their lashes appear longer. This technique works, but it can be difficult to maintain—especially if you wear contacts or have sensitive eyes. An alternative is lash extensions. They’re applied professionally by a lash expert and are perfect for enhancing your natural lashes. It’s important to know that lash extensions are not permanent, meaning you’ll need periodic touch-ups to keep them looking full and beautiful over time.

Will My Eyelashes Fall Out?

One of your biggest concerns when getting lash extensions will probably be how they’ll affect your natural lashes. Will they fall out? Could you damage them? The good news is that, for most people, eyelash extensions don’t lead to any sort of eyelash loss. You eyelashes will only fall out as part of the natural cycle.

When Can I Wear Mascara?

When you first get lash extensions, your natural lashes will still be there and you may feel like it’s okay to wear mascara. I beg of you—don’t do it! While lash extensions are semi-permanent (they can last for 6–8 weeks), they need about a week or two to get adjusted, so don’t rush them. They could end up getting ripped out and that would be a terrible start to your extension journey. And frankly, with extensions, you will not need mascara.

The Procedure of Lash Extensions Explained

The procedure involves applying one or more individual artificial mink lashes onto your natural lash line. Over time, these extensions will grow out just like your own hair. Though it may seem complicated at first glance, there’s no reason to fret; you’ll learn all about it here! Before we dive in, let’s take a moment to explore what eyelash extensions are and how they can help you transform your look into something truly spectacular.

Where Can I Get Lash Extensions?

Many beauty salons offer eyelash extensions. But before you opt for lash extensions, ask your salon specialist about how long they’ve been in business and how many applications they’ve done. Different salons will use different products, and choosing a newbie could have bad results. If you live in a large city like Manchester or London, you can find any number of salons specializing in lash extensions. For smaller cities or towns, consider visiting salons at higher-end shopping malls; some offer these services as part of their menu.