Dr. Bruce G. Fagel – What You Should Know About Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a fascinated and highly detailed area of the law which takes a very specialist lawyer to untangle. The likes of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel have spent many years within the medical and legal world, helping both employees and patients to understand medical malpractice and the importance behind it.

Many people are not sure if they have been through such a situation or whether or not their case relates to this branch of the law. Here are some tips which can help you out, should you find yourself in that kind of situation.

Not All Medical Errors Are Malpractice

A common misconception with regards to medical malpractice is that every mistake that is made constitutes as malpractice. Unfortunately, given the jobs that doctors and surgeons perform, errors often result in bad outcomes. The issue here however is not whether a wrong decision was taken, this is standard in such a field as medicine. What takes place is that a professional will weigh up all aspects of an illness or issue, and take the best course of action. This will also be discussed with others to decipher whether or not they have support. If they take a course of action which proves to be wrong, the due diligence they have done protects them from it being considered as malpractice.

Speaking Up Is Critical

Sadly there are a great number of people who have in fact been a victim of medical malpractice, and yet fail to speak up about it. What we have to understand here is just how important a single voice can be within this situation. When it comes to malpractice suits we often find that if a doctor or surgeon is found guilty, then there is usually a trend. This means that each time someone fails to speak up against what they believe to be medical malpractice, there is a high risk of a repeat offense.

Compensation is Not a Dirty Word

Sadly throughout the 90s and the early 00s we saw an aggressive marketing campaign by so many lawyers who were asking people if they’d been the victim of a crime such as accidents at work. This prompted many to seek compensation for things which were blown out of proportion, and compensation quickly became a dirty word. The reality however is that compensation really does have its place in law. There is no amount of money which will make up for the damage done through malpractice. With this being said, it is important that when a guilty verdict is given, that hospitals are hit in the pocket, to encourage them to make the necessary changes. Equally, being paid money can help with the future that you have to deal with, based on the damage which the medical malpractice issue has caused. This is a vital part of the legal proceedings.

If you feel that you have been a victim to this kind of case, always be sure that you seek legal advice quickly.