David Cates – What Unions Offer To Their Members

If you have the opportunity to join a union in your place of work then this is something which is highly recommended for you. The main reason is that unions offer you a wide range of benefits which you will not be able to get if you are not a signed up member. Many in the legal community, especially experts in employment law like David Cates, often cite the importance of unions and what they are able to do for their members.

To help you decide whether or not a union is the right idea for you, here are just some examples of what a union could offer you.

Legal Assistance 

One of the most compelling reasons why you should look to join a union is because of the wide range of legal assistance which you can count on when you do. Unions are mighty beasts and within their ranks they have a great deal of legal experts who can support you in a wide variety of ways. For example if you have an issue at work such as conflicts, potential dismissal or any other legal matter, then you can count on the support and the assistance of the union’s legal team.

Emotional Support

The advice and the assistance which a union can give you is not only about legal help, but also emotional support. The idea of the union is for you to be at your very best in the workplace and they can offer counsellors who will be able to help you with any potential issues which you have. This extends beyond the workplace too, meaning that if you need help because of an issue away from the job, they can support you with this.

Better Pay and Improved Benefits

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that those who are paid better in the workplace, are those who are unionized. This is one of the key functions of the union, to ensure good pay and better benefits for the employees. Let’s be honest, we all want the best pay and working conditions and this is what the union will continue to fight for, to improve the quality of workplace for employees.

Health and Safety

The main reason why employers have so many safety protocols and health measures in the workplace is because of the good work which so many unions have done throughout history. As we have mentioned, it is up to the unions to ensure that their members are safe in the workplace and happy in the workplace. This is exactly why we see so many unions pushing back against employers whenever there has been an accident or an incident in the workplace. Sadly if it were not for the unions then so many employers would never change their ways of working, even if there had been an accident.

These are just 4 of a great number of examples as to what a union can offer to its members.