Dan Schatt: Two Important Facts About Crypto

Buyers who are new to the world of cryptocurrency may be leery of diving into the crypto unknown. However, the more they learn about cryptocurrency, the easier it will be for them to tap into all of its benefits, according to Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa, the experts at Earnity, a new social cryptocurrency marketplace and platform. Here are a couple of important things to know about buying in cryptocurrency in 2022.

First, the majority of vendors do not currently accept Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrency as payment. The reason for this is that cryptocurrency’s value is highly volatile. However, buyers can still find some automobile dealers who are crypto-friendly and thus willing to sell their cars for Bitcoin. In addition, Tesla reported that it would likely accept Bitcoin once it became more economically sustainable. Other retailers, such as Walmart and Amazon, have likewise discussed the possibility of accepting Bitcoin down the road.

Second, buyers can easily buy or sell cryptocurrency on cryptocurrency exchanges or marketplaces. On these exchanges, Bitcoins and altcoins—any cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin—can be utilized, as can the United States dollar and other traditional currencies backed by governments. Crypto exchanges work by matching sellers and buyers, just as traditional stock exchanges do.

Earnity is an especially helpful marketplace to get started with because it is user friendly and provides more than just a platform for exchanging crypto: It also offers the latest news and tips for traders, according to Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa.  

The platform is just one of many of Schatt’s and Carosa’s accomplishments in the financial technology industry. Schatt has also written multiple articles for industry publications, such as American Banker. In addition, Carosa has led multiple industry companies, including Dominet Venture Partners.