Cost of Living in Canada For Flashpackers

There are so many advantages to living or “flashpacking” in Canada. This country is renowned for having a strong economy, a highly livable population, and the happiest citizens in the world.

Vancouver is an absolute gem in British Columbia, nestled at the foothills of the Coastal Range mountains. 

In addition to ranking among the top cities in Canada and the world, this glittering, ultra-modern metropolis is the most attractive in the United States. 

Costs in Canada vary wildly depending on how much travelling you do and how many events you attend. 

Companies like Bizzabo host several events a year as do others. If you’re a travelling nomad you’ll need to budget for these. 

Check out this comparison from Wise on the cost of living in two of the most popular Canadian cities. 

Clearly, your costs will vary greatly depending on how and when you  want to travel and what activities you want to do. 

I know it sounds like a lot but you’ll need to budget about $100 CAD per day as a good rule of thumb. 

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In major cities, hostels can cost $30 – $40 per night for a dorm room, and they can be hard to find outside of those areas.

Canada by Bus – One of the most affordable ways to travel

If you enjoy long bus rides, the Toronto-Vancouver route starts from $221.50 and takes just under three days. 

It won’t be the most comfortable ride of your life, but it will get you there.

Budget for visiting Vancouver for one week

The price of a dorm room in the city center is $40 a night (6 nights) = $240

$30/night (6 nights) for a dorm room out of the city center = $180

You’ll be buying groceries for about $51.05 for the week. If you eat 5 meals out at low-mid priced restaurants that will set you back about $100. 

Activities such as park entries and hiking are likely to cost about $200

On average you should budget about $600 USD a week. 

Taking the same above into account a sample budget for visiting Toronto for one week would be about $630 USD a week. 

Budgets can easily be blown out of the water by unexpected trips or events. You never know when an opportunity pops up that’s too good to miss. 

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Average rents on for all monthly Canadian rentals in April 2021 were $1,675, down 9% annually, and 1% month-over-month. 

In April, the median rental rate was $1,600 per month, down 13% from a year earlier and down 2% monthly.