Adam Seger – What People Get Wrong About Barbecue

I can remember watching this brilliant TV special a couple of years ago with the brilliant Adam Seger. Adam was mainly focusing on how to improve your barbecue and what so many people got wrong. As it happened, i was guilty of just about everything that he said people do wrong, and so I have since spent the time on perfecting my craft, and making sure that my BBQ is the baddest in town.

Here are some of those mistakes which many of us make, and if you do any of them, it could very well be time to change things up a little.

Too Many Items

Something which I certainly used to do a lot was to put way too many items on the grill, thinking that I had to cater to everyone’s tastes. The reality however is that this isn’t necessary and when you do this there are too many cooking times to bear in mind. The best option is that you stick to 3 or 4 items, and keep things like that. Even the very best grill restaurants only serve a couple of items, and if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for us.


Unless you are cooking up some burgers and you really want to get that charr on one side of them, there is no room for flames on your grill. In fact you should be looking to completely get rid of any flames before you start cooking. The idea is to cook on the hot coals, and they are hottest when they are white, and when there are no flames to be seen.

Meat Preparation 

Something else many of us get wrong is failing to prepare the meat before we cook it, especially in the case of beef. Chicken and pork should be cooked from cold in order to ensure complete safety, but there is nothing wrong with allowing beef products to come to room temperature before you cook them. In fact in doing so you can ensure that you have a far better quality meat, which is soft and which is much tastier than anything that would have come straight from the fridge.

Failure to Season

Even if you do love that barbecue taste, there is absolutely no reason or excuse for not properly seasoning the meat before you cook it. In fact this is absolutely crucial no matter if you are cooking beef or chicken. You have to get some good layers of salt and pepper on there, as well as a nice meat rub which is just going to compliment the flavor of both the barbecue and the meat. Always be sure that you are focused on giving your meat the best preparation before you cook it, and season it generously.

These are just some of the mistakes which many of us make when it comes to hosting a barbecue outside. Do you make any of these mistakes?