7 Ways to Make a Bedroom Relaxing

Your home is your sanctuary, your retreat from the outside world where you can let your hair down and forget about the worries of the day. The bedroom should be at the heart of this, the one room designed specifically for rest and relaxation. If this is not the case, here are seven ways to create a relaxing bedroom environment that you are happy to return to after a long and gruelling day.

1. Remove the Clutter

There are few things worse than coming home to a mess. We all have our threshold for cleanliness, and I can understand that some people may feel that mess makes a room feel “homier” and “broken in.” However, for professional environments, services from commercial cleaners like Showpiece can ensure a tidy and productive workspace. These are usually just excuses for not cleaning. The first and most crucial step that you should take towards making your bedroom more relaxing is doing a deep and thorough clean. I’m not saying that you need to make your bedroom feel clinical. Still, I do promise that clearing away the clutter, doing some dusting, and vacuuming will make an enormous difference in transforming your ordinary bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary.

Set a free weekend aside specifically for this task. Go over all the miscellaneous items that seem to pile up over time and decide if they are worth keeping. A garage sale is a terrific way to clean out your house while making a little extra money on the side. While this may be hard for the hoarder in all of us, there isn’t much point in keeping things just so that they can take up space and collect dust. Another way to clear the room is to invest in a divan bed with storage built into the base. Once your bedroom is clutter-free, you may want to take some time to rearrange your furniture so that there is a nice open feel to the room. Simplicity is key.

2. Add a Personal Touch

Now it’s time to put your stamp on the room. Adding a distinctive touch will connect you to your bedroom and make it feel inviting. There are absolutely no rules here. Do what feels right. Paint the room with your favourite colour. Find pictures that inspire and paintings that take your breath away. Use that extra garage sale money and splurge on new drapes that give your room a special touch. The important thing here is to create a peaceful and relaxing environment that you feel comfortable in. Don’t go overboard, or you may find the room becoming cluttered again. After spending a little time and money in personalizing your space, you will find it easier to want to keep it neat and organized.

3. Play Relaxing Music

Music has the unique ability to soothe and relax. Many find that Classical and New Age music is excellent for setting a mood of tranquillity. These types of songs are often used because they cover up background noise without being overbearing. Find music that helps you slow down and unwind instead of songs that make you want to get up and dance. While there is most definitely a time and place for that, our goal here is to play music that enhances the relaxing bedroom environment without becoming the focus. All. We each have our own musical preferences, so if heavy metal is your thing, it brings you inner peace and serenity.

4. Add a Plant

Adding a plant is a clever way to bring a touch of nature to your new home sanctuary. Commit yourself to take care of this plant. A healthy plant will breathe life and energy into the room. There is just something about having plants around that seems to make people happier and more energetic. As an added benefit, plants will help to filter the air by removing carbon dioxide and other toxins.

5. Add an Indoor Fountain

Indoor fountains can be an excellent addition to your new relaxing bedroom environment. The sound of rushing water can be soothing and mask any unwanted noises. Indoor fountains also serve as natural humidifiers, which works out perfectly if you add a couple of new plants to your room. There are many types of decorative fountains available that will look great in your room.

6. Change the Lighting

The lighting in your bedroom can be used to set a peaceful mood. Too dark, and the room starts to feel gloomy. Too bright and you won’t be able to relax. Incorporate as much natural light as you can during the day. Open the windows allowing sunshine and fresh air to flow through the room if the weather permits. Replace bright lights that feel “artificial” with more natural mood lights.

7. Fill Your Room With a Pleasing Scent

Smells carry us away, drifting along with their pleasant aroma to a happier place. There are a few diverse ways that you can add wonderful smells to your room, and they are all quick and easy. Burn incense. Fill a bowl with potpourri. Burn richly scented candles. I recommend soy candles because they burn longer and are cleaner than traditional wax candles. Lavender is a popular scent used for its ability to soothe and ease the mind.