7 Ways a Mortgage Lender Can Save You Money

A home purchase is one of the most capital-intensive deA home purchase, often undertaken with the guidance of a property buyers agent like APP is one of the most capital-intensive decisions people make in their lifetime. It can be a strenuous experience as the process of getting a mortgage is an extremely complicated one. This is where a mortgage lender like MLD Mortgage comes in with their thorough subject knowledge which can take the stress out of the entire process. Today we are going to take a look at how a mortgage lender can bring along savings in your homebuying drill. 

  • Mortgage lenders can get you pre-approved for a loan before you can view the inside of a house. The lenders conduct a thorough check on your financial history to determine the amount of money they are ready to loan out to you. Once a loan is pre-approved homebuyers won’t run into any hassle of getting the loan after finding the property of their dreams. However, it is advisable to get a pre-approval around two months in advance. 
  • Often it becomes difficult to get pre-approval for a loan. The pre-approval process is not a one-shot deal and lenders might work with you even when you don’t receive pre-approval on the first instance. Mortgage lenders will offer a step-by-step path to the buyers which will help buyers get the approval in due course.
  • One of the biggest reasons behind the disapproval of mortgages is the lousy credit score of homeowners. This numerical indicates the reliability of homeowners in paying off their debts ranging from college loans to credit cards. Even if your credit score is low, you can take action for boosting it up. While a credit repair company will guide you towards improving your credit score, it might charge exorbitantly for the same. This is where a mortgage lender comes in for offering free credit boosting tips. It takes a few months for the improved scores to be noted by the credit bureaus. However, the lenders can conduct a “rapid re-score” for correcting and updating your information in the credit report within a few days. 
  • Homebuyers might either be employed earning W-2 income or a self-employed individual running their own business and earning inconsistent income. While the earnings of self-employed people might be sky-high for one year, they might take a plunge during the others. In such a case, having a mortgage lender by your side can help cut past all reservations of your loan-worthiness. The mortgage lenders just take a few years of tax returns into account in the place of pay stubs and W-2s. Being a non-W-2 wage earner means a stricter investigative process and more paperwork which is why it is advisable to apply with some time in your hand. It also becomes necessary to consider your timing of application. If your tax return for the last year is due and it was an excellent year income-wise, then you should wait till the filing of taxes to apply for a mortgage. 
  • Pursuing the apartment of your dreams can be a difficult process. Lenders will set realistic standards that are within your budget parameter coupled with thorough knowledge of your income and capital. 
  • A lender understands the housing community inside out. Their wide experience and connection with people within the industry will make the entire process easier than expected.
  • Mortgage lenders will offer correct information on the estimated number of payments that you need to cover during closing such as origination, appraisal, and title fees. 


Mortgage lenders have a better understanding of the available loans and can help prospective homebuyers find faster communication channels and techniques. If you have decided to purchase a property then you should speak with a mortgage lender before going to open houses and finding a real estate agent.