5 Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips

If you are trying to stay that little bit more eco-friendly when you do things around the home then you will no doubt be trying to think up ways in which you can change your laundry routine with this in mind. The laundry process, of course, uses a great amount of water, electricity and products which result in plastic wastage and potential harmful manufacturing processes, so it is important that you do your best to get this right. Thankfully however there is a wealth of options before you with regards to your laundry area, and these are some of the steps that you can be taking that will minimize the impact which you have. From laundry taps to waste reduction, here are some top tips a more eco-friendly process.

Fibre Ball

Something which we have only really ben learning much about until late is the fibres which are deposited into our wastage system when we wash clothes. Naturally, clothing fibres come off the clothing when we wash clothes, and that then gets washed down the tubes, eventually finding its way to the sea. We have found much dead marine life which has these fibres in their stomachs. To prevent this you can buy a fibre ball which collects all of these fibre pieces, then you can recycle.

Clothes Management

For most of your clothing, it can be worn multiple times before being thrown away and this is also something which you have to bear in mind. There are some items, socks and underwear for example, which you should only wear once, but t-shirts and trousers, for the most part, can be worn multiple times before washing.

Green Detergent

There are many greener varieties of detergent out there which have been made using fewer phosphates, which ultimately cause damage in coral ecosystems. Another option here is to go to a dispensary which sells greener detergent in powder form by the kilo, this way you can be using more responsible detergent and helping to minimize your plastic waste.

Hanging Out To Dry

Unless it is absolutely essential, the use of a drier should be avoided at all costs. These machines emit more than a ton of carbon dioxide each every year here in Australia and they use masses of electricity to run. This just isn’t a necessary way of drying clothes given that they can easily be hung outside to be dried through wind and sun.

Better Taps

Getting the right taps is also going to ensure that your laundry room is that little bit more eco-friendly as it can carefully manage the flow of water. Laundry mixers is a great example of this which allow less water through but which spread the flow better so that you still get the amount of water which you need for hand-washing some of your clothes, which of course is yet another energy saver. If your taps are old then it is likely that they pump out more water than is actually needed, a switch can make you instantly greener.

These are just 5 tips amongst many which can really help you to have a more eco-conscious laundry routine.