Discover 10 of the Best Amenities Grand Central Has to Offer

If you have ever been to New York, you have probably at least passed through Grand Central Station on a subway as it is one of the most commonly used stations in the city. Whether you have been in the main concourse or not, there are probably some parts of it that you aren’t aware of.

Read on to discover ten of the best amenities that Grand Central Station has to offer!

1. Fine Dining

Do you like Italian food or classy cocktails? If so, you are in luck. Located on the west side of the second floor, overlooking the main concourse, is one of New York’s most infamous Italian restaurants, Cipriani Dolci. Originally built in 1931, dining at this restaurant will give you that quintessential New York experience filled with rich history, great food, and a lively atmosphere.

2. Casual Dining

While fine dining is enjoyable, it may not fit your specific situation. If this is the case, you can head downstairs to the Grand Central Dining Concourse for a meal. Here you will find pretty much any type of food you could think of, including the infamous Oyster Bar and Restaurant. Making it the perfect place to eat for large groups and people who aren’t sure what they want. It even has a few dessert options to top off your quick meal.

3. Shopping

On top of plenty of dining options, you can shop around at the Grand Central Market. This European-style market contains 13 different local shops that provide each shopper with an array of prepared foods, ingredients, coffees, and other goodies. This market is the perfect place to pick up ingredients for dinner and get a gift for a loved one, and the best part is that it’s right next to the train.

4. Information Booth

Since Grand Central Station is one of the most used stations in New York, hundreds of tourists use it every day. For this reason, there is an information booth conveniently located in the main concourse. Here you can find all of the information about the terminal that you could need or want, including its history and amenities.

5. Luggage Storage

Perhaps one of the best amenities is the options for luggage storage in Grand Central. At this luggage storage facility, you can drop your bags off for a small fee and enjoy the town. Many people take the train to New York. Say, for example, you are one of these people. You take a train into Grand Central, but once you arrive, you want to go out and enjoy Manhattan a bit before going to your room. This is where luggage storage comes in handy. Just drop your bags off, enjoy the city, pick them back up, and head to your room.

6. Accessibility

Are you or someone you are traveling with disabled? If so, you don’t need to worry about not being capable of sightseeing inside Grand Central. It is wheelchair accessible with ramps and elevators so disabled visitors can easily explore.  

7. Walking Tours

Perhaps one of the best amenities is simply taking a tour to see everything this station has to offer. It is full of history, fascinating architecture, local shops, and busy people. Making it a point to walk around and see every part of the station is definitely worthwhile.

8. Tennis Courts

Did you know that there is an actual tennis club within the walls of Grand Central Station? Not many people do because this court is relatively new. Located on the fourth floor, you will find one full-sized hard court, two automated practice courts, and a fitness room, all of which are open to the public. Being inside Grand Central Station while playing tennis is not an experience you can get every day.

9. Lodging

If you have ever been to New York, you know that the subway is one of the most consistent and affordable forms of transit around the city. So obviously, it would be nice to stay in a place close to a subway station. While it isn’t necessarily an amenity of the station itself, there are hotels connected to Grand Central that make it incredibly easy to go from your room to your favorite New York spots.

10. Transportation

You have learned about all of the extra amenities of Grand Central, but what about its main purpose? This station is a great central hub for any midtown and northeast travels you may wish to take. Here you can take the Metro-North Railroad to and from suburbs like Connecticut, the subway in and around midtown, and hop on an array of different buses.

The Takeaway

Grand Central Station is not only a historical masterpiece of architecture and culture, it is one of the most practical stops you could make on any given day. A visit to this station can include shopping, eating, athletic activity, luggage storage, stay, and an array of different travel options. So, whether you need to pass through it or not, you won’t regret visiting the Grand Central Station.