Are new PayPal casino sites secure?

One of my biggest concerns that I’m always wary of when playing online at a gambling site is that it’s safe. I want to ensure that not only are they licensed, regulated, and providing a fair experience, but that my details are safe as well. With more people using the internet and these sites than ever before, people like myself have become big targets for cybercriminals. And so it’s become natural for me to scrutinise everything and to make sure that I take my time to do my research, that all precautions have been taken, and that the site I’m signing up to has also taken the right steps to make sure that I’m safe when playing slots online on their website. It also doesn’t take long to find a list of the best new PayPal casino sites.

It speeds everything up. 

And it’s because of this safety concern that I always choose to use PayPal if it is supported at an online gambling website, as it’s safe and secure and also quick and easy. And thankfully, because it’s so popular and easy to use, it’s been adopted by all of the big online operators. If you don’t know what PayPal is, it’s a digital wallet. Essentially, it means that you can load funds into this wallet from a range of different banks and sources or receive payments into it. It’s not only used for gambling online; however, a lot of the big online merchants and e-commerce platforms accept PayPal as a supported payment method. Some of the benefits of using PayPal include: 

  • Security 
  • Ease of use
  • Speed
  • Widely adopted
  • No registration fees
  • Quick deposits and withdrawals 
  • Accepted internationally 
  • Has a mobile app 
  • Integrated into many e-commerce websites 

How do I know the site is safe?

However, just because a gambling site accepts PayPal doesn’t mean immediately that it’s safe. As I mentioned before, I also rely on it being complained about and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, whose responsibility it is to hold the operators to account and ensure that I’m looked after by ensuring that all games offered by them are fair and not rigged. Of course, this isn’t to mean that I’m guaranteed to win on these at all; instead, it means that the RNG or random number generators, are in fact random and not tilted in the operator’s favour. 

Using a VPN 

Another way I bolster my security when playing at these sites that accept PayPal is by using a VPN if I’m on my smartphone. A VPN, if you haven’t heard of it before, is a virtual private network. Essentially, it’s an app that can be downloaded on my phone that masks where I’m logging in from. This isn’t at all to hide anything suspicious, more so to hide my IP address. This can be useful for cybercriminals to see. Also, here in the UK, we can access online casinos legally; however, in some countries, it is prohibited, so they have to look to access them from other countries, which wouldn’t be possible without a VPN.

PayPal is also a popular payment method for me and the online sites because of how fast it is. It saves me the hassle of having to repeatedly enter my payment details. Instead, on the sites that I’ve been on and registered to that accept this payment method, I simply have to link my digital wallet and sometimes all it takes is one click and my payment is instantly deposited into my online account. It saves time, meaning that I can start enjoying playing my favourite slot games in no time at all. 

It isn’t accepted at all online sites, however. This isn’t to mean that the other sites aren’t safe and secure; however, for that added peace of mind, I like to opt for one that does accept PayPal, as it saves me time and also keeps my information safe. It also means that because I’m using PayPal, funds can be quickly withdrawn to my digital wallet. After all, there is nothing that frustrates me more than having to wait days to see the funds in my account. Once the winnings are in my account, I can then withdraw them to the bank account that is linked to my PayPal.

Hopefully today has given you a bit of an insight into how secure and robust the sites that accept PayPal are. And it’s for this reason that all of the leading brands in the industry support this payment method. And if, like me, you’re conscious of your digital presence online and that your payment information is always safe and secure and hidden away from prying eyes, I would recommend that you ensure that you register with a site that accepts PayPal and that is also regulated by the UKGC.