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Environment and Equity

Environmental problems tend to hit low-income families and communities of color first, and hit them hardest. Poorly designed environmental policies impose unnecessary social costs, further burdening these families and communities.

Well-designed environmental policies can help solve environmental problems while providing social benefits that help improve the lives of low-income families and communities of color.

Redefining Progress draws attention to the environmental justice and equity issues inherent in environmental policy making. Our Sustainable Economics Program focuses on developing innovative policies that improve social equity and environmental health at the same time.

Our work focuses on these and other environmental equity issues:

Climate Change

Our work for the California Air Resources Board documents the disproportionate impact that climate change has on low income and communities of color in the state.

Sustainable Economics

Download report: Climate Change in California: Health Equity and Economic Impacts (PDF)

Research commissioned by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation examines how global warming and climate policy affect African Americans. We predicted that African Americans would suffer a disproportionate burden from increased frequency and severity of tropical storms a year before Katrina. Our report demonstrates how policies that are best for African Americans are also best for the nation.

Download report:
African Americans and Climate Change: An Unequal Burden (PDF)

We are currently analyzing the impact of climate change on the Latino community. For information on this project, contact Andrew Hoerner, Director, Sustainable Economics Program.

Energy Policy

Working on behalf of the American Association of Blacks in Energy, Redefining Progress examined a wide range of issues impacting African American personal and financial health relating to energy, environmental, and economic policy.

Download report:
Energy, Economics, and the Environment: Effects on African Americans (PDF)

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