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Environment and Economy

The good news about Sustainable Economics is that environmental health and economic growth can go hand in hand. At Redefining Progress, we demonstrate how to avoid the broad way that leads to economic and environmental destruction and find, instead, the narrow path to sustainability.

For more than a decade, we have been a leading source of research and policy analysis dispelling the myth that environmental protection weakens the economy. We develop and promote policies that strengthen the economy while preserving the environment.

Redefining Progress has released ground-breaking research to bolster the case for sustainable economics in these key areas:

Fuel Economy

Our research in collaboration with the National Environmental Trust demonstrates that, in an era of persistently high global oil prices, employment in the U.S. auto sector would fare better under higher fuel economy standards.

Download report:
The Impacts of Increased Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards on the U.S. Auto Sector (PDF)

Climate Change

As the Climate Stewardship Act (a.k.a., the McCain-Lieberman bill) worked its way through Congress, Redefining Progress conducted an in-depth analysis for the Natural Resources Defense Council of how a properly designed system could curb global warming and boost employment.

Download report:
Jobs and the Climate Stewardship Act (PDF)

In addition to our nationwide study, we worked with Environmental Entrepreneurs to show how the Climate Stewardship Act would create jobs in 14 states.

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Arkansas  Montana Ohio
California Nebraska Oregon
Louisiana New Hampshire Pennsylvania
Michigan New York Tennessee
Minnesota North Dakota  

For the State of California, Redefining Progress prepared detailed analysis and commentary on the Draft Climate Action Team Report to the Governor and Legislature, revealing how climate policy can actually strengthen California’s economy.

Download report:
A Golden Opportunity: Strengthening California's Economy through Climate Policy (PDF)

Energy Policy

Redefining Progress has examined a comprehensive set of policies aimed at deep cuts in carbon emissions and aggressive investment in energy efficiency technologies.

Download report:
Clean Energy and Jobs: A comprehensive approach to climate change and energy policy (PDF)

Our “Smarter, Cleaner, Stronger” research, produced in collaboration with the Blue-Green Alliance, demonstrates how we can produce clean energy and retain jobs while reducing dependency on foreign oil.

Download report:
Smarter, Cleaner Stronger: Secure Jobs A Clean Environment, and Less Foreign Oil

This state report is not yet available. You may select another state below, or read the national report (pdf).

Cap-and-Trade Systems

Our research shows how auctioning carbon dioxide permits, combined with the polluter-pays principle, can be good for business.

Download report:
Auctioning Carbon Dioxide Permits: A Business Friendly Climate Policy

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