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DATE: September 18, 2003
CONTACT: Melissa Haynes (510-444-3041)


WASHINGTON D.C.—The Boards of Directors of Redefining Progress (RP) and the Center for a Sustainable Economy (CSE) announced today the merger of their two organizations. In a strategic effort to leverage their complementary expertise and strengths, these long-standing collaborators—widely considered the premier organizations in the US focused on building a sustainable economy—have merged to form a single organization. The resulting entity will retain the name Redefining Progress, and will focus on the shared vision of the two organizations: to help the US through the transition to a sustainable economy.

For nearly a decade, both organizations have pursued similar and complementary missions: developing energy and environmental tax reform analyses and other market-based approaches to solving our nation's most pressing economic, social and environmental problems. Redefining Progress (RP) is known as the leader on environmentally sensitive progress indicators, while the Center for a Sustainable Economy (CSE) is considered the foremost voice on environmental tax reform and analysis of energy efficient tax incentives.

"Redefining Progress is well positioned to assist state budget planners and policy-makers with innovative tax reform measures that also protect the environment," said former Senator Tim Wirth, President of the UN Foundation. "This is an opportune moment to engage in substantive work, as states across the country face budget deficits that will persist for several years."

The merger integrates the best of both organizations—fusing intellectual capital, key locations, and complementary constituencies into an effective catalyst for change. It will be more active than ever at generating analysis that meets both high-quality economic standards, as well as the need for pragmatic political solutions.

"As governments at a local, state and federal level struggle with enormous budget deficits, and policymakers grapple with our energy needs and environmental problems, the demand for our work is incredible. We are thrilled to have increased both capacity and focus. We are making sustainable economics a solution to our most critical problems," said Michel Gelobter, who will continue to serve as Executive Director of Redefining Progress.

Redefining Progress (RP) works with a broad array of partners to shift the economy and institutions towards sustainability. This is done in three ways: First, by using tools like the Genuine Progress Indicator and the Ecological Footprint, the real state of the economy, the environment, and social justice; Second, by designing policies, like environmental tax reform, to shift behavior in these three domains (economy, environment, and equity) towards sustainability; Third, by promoting or creating new frameworks to replace the ones that are taking us away from long-term social, economic, and environmental health.

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