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DATE: May 23, 2002
CONTACT: Craig Cheslog, (510) 444-3041


June 6 Forum Free and Open to the Public

OAKLAND, Calif.-Did the economic boom of the last decade represent progress? What does the unchecked growth of speculative wealth, income polarization, and disgruntled politics mean for California and the nation? These questions and more will be addressed at an upcoming forum entitled, "Is Wealth Progress? The Politics of America's Economic Boom," scheduled for Thursday, June 6 at 8:15 a.m. at the African American Museum and Library at Oakland (659-14th Street).

The event, sponsored by the City of Oakland/Oakland Public Library, We the People Legal Foundation, and the public policy organization Redefining Progress, will feature three speakers: Mayor Jerry Brown, author and NPR commentator Kevin Phillips, and Redefining Progress Executive Director Michel Gelobter.

Oakland Mayor Brown, a former California governor, radio talk show host, and author of the non-fiction book Dialogues, has overseen a boom in the city's economy that includes 10,000 new jobs and an increase in property values measured at four billion dollars.  

Phillips is the author of several books on the panel's topic, notably, The Politics of Rich and Poor, published in 1990, and Wealth and Democracy: A Political History of the American Rich, published in May of this year. Gelobter heads up Redefining Progress, an Oakland-based public policy organization focused on social and environmental sustainability. He has served as Director of Environmental Quality for New York City and taught at Rutgers and Columbia University.

Each speaker will lecture for approximately 15 minutes and then take questions. Coffee and light refreshments will be provided.  

For more information, please contact Craig Cheslog of Redefining Progress at (510) 444-3041. Please refrain from wearing heavily scented products to this event. To request sign interpretation or other accommodation, please call (510) 238-6713 (voice) or (510) 834-7446 (TTY) at least five working days prior to the event.  

This program is free-of-charge and open to the general public.