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DATE: May 8, 2002
CONTACT: Craig Cheslog (510-444-3041)


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Business leaders will speak to Congressional aides and policy advocates this morning on Capitol Hill regarding the challenges and opportunities facing those businesses that seek to address climate change. The speakers will emphasize the importance of taking action on climate change to ensure the long-term health of the economy.

The business leaders will examine why it is vital for the federal government to send clear climate change policy signals. They will also explain how the lack of a definitive federal climate policy makes it difficult for businesses to plan for the future or accurately assess the risks climate change pose to companies and their investors.

The briefing, Climate Change Policy and Business Opportunities, is co-sponsored by Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) and Redefining Progress.

"The federal government has the opportunity to transform energy usage by businesses of all sizes, by creating policies which spur innovation in the private sector. Policies that reward carbon reductions will create an environment for entrepreneurial innovation and a new market of products that reduce emissions," said Robert Epstein, co-founder of Environmental Entrepreneurs and a co-founder of Sybase. "They would also accelerate existing trends toward adopting energy efficient and alternative energy technologies."

"A market-based climate strategy would provide growth opportunities for some companies, be neutral for many, and generate revenue that could aid the industries, workers, and publics most affected by the transition," said Michel Gelobter, Redefining Progress' executive director. "Despite the claims of alarmists, policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will create a different economy, not a worse economy."

The other speakers who will participate in the briefing today include: Frank Dixon, Managing Director, Innovest Strategic Value Advisors; Daniel Lashof, Science Director, Climate Center, Natural Resources Defense Council; Frank Mazanec, Senior Vice President, OnSight Energy; Diana Propper, Co-Founder and Managing Director, EA Capital; and Alexandra Deane Thornton, Executive Director, Center for a Sustainable Economy.

Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) is a national community of professionals and business people who believe in protecting the environment while building economic prosperity.

Redefining Progress is a nonpartisan organization based in Oakland, California that creates policies and tools to encourage accurate market prices, protect our common social and natural assets, and foster social and economic sustainability.