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Meet Our Experts

Redefining Progress’ team of economists, researchers, and directors are available for interviews, panel discussions, and event presentations. Please contact Jodi Levin at for more information.

James Barrett, Ph.D.

James Barrett, Ph.D. is an economist and expert on climate, energy, and environmental policy. He has authored several studies on the policy design and the economic impacts of climate policy choices. He is based in Washington, D.C., and frequently speaks on Capital Hill about the economic and distributional implications of environmental policy.

J. Andrew Hoerner, J.D.

Andrew Hoerner is an attorney and economist with a quarter-century of experience in legal, economic, environmental, political, and ethical analysis of market-based environmental policies, including cap and trade systems, pollution charges and taxes, and tax incentives. He has done research on these instruments under contract to the governments of six nations. He is the architect of California’s Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, the most aggressive climate regime in the world; co-author with Jim Barrett of the only comprehensive U.S. climate plan to be endorsed by major national labor unions; and lead author on behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation of a report assessing the impact of global warming on African-Americans, which predicted that the increase in warming-induced tropical storms would disproportionately affect African-Americans a year before Katrina.

Nia Robinson

Nia Robinson is Director of the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative and a seasoned educator, facilitator, and presenter. Her expertise is in environmental justice, grassroots organizing, and the effects of climate change on vulnerable communities.


John Talberth, Ph.D.

John Talberth is the Director of the Sustainability Indicators Program at Redefining Progress, where he coordinates scientific advances as well as policy applications of sustainability metrics such as the Genuine Progress Indicator and Ecological Footprint. His areas of expertise include non-market valuation, international trade, public policy, benefit-cost analysis, forest management, sustainable development, and land use planning. John also provides expert support for public interest litigation in the fields of economics and environmental planning.

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